The EOS Flavors You Need

Since EOS (Evolution of Smooth) released their lip balms on the shelves in 2009, the lip balm world has not been the same. The New York based company quickly became popular for its unique round shaped lip balm that was made with all-natural ingredients. Another thing that sets them apart from other lip balms is not using petroleum in their products. At the time, many lip balms contained petroleum, but EOS dared to be different because they knew that getting rid of the petroleum would increase the amount of moisture that their lip balm would give. As the company grew, the variety of flavors quickly increased. Get more stories here on

With so many options to choose from, it may be a little difficult finding the perfect flavor, but there is a way to narrow it down. If you are a fruit lover, Pomegranate Raspberry is definitely worth trying. The two flavors combine to form a round sphere of fruity goodness. Another one of their popular fruit filled lip balms is their passion fruit flavor. This flavor is packed with a tropical sweetness that your lips could not deny. Latest product here so shop now at

If you are not into fruit flavors there are still many options for you. The sweet mint is a cool, refreshing flavor that your lips would appreciate. They also have a vanilla mint, which is a mint flavor with a bit of a twist making the sweet mint much sweeter. EOS also provides shimmer lip balms in sheer pink or pearl, both are great moisturizing agents for your lips and still full of great flavor. Read review here.

No matter which flavor you decide on, reward your lips by picking up your EOS lip balm today.

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