Livio Bisterzo’s Incredible Input into Hippeas Today

     Livio Bisterzo recounts that his snack producing company, Hippeas is growing fast and expanding wide across the US and UK. The company has grown in a very short period into becoming a renowned producer of light foods. This rapid growth has caught the eyes of investors from all over who want a piece of the company. Livio announced new partners who have joined Hippeas as shareholders. They include Strand Equity Partners and celebrated actor Leonardo DiCaprio who is investing low equity into the company.

In a statement, Livio said that the new investors are an important addition to the company and that he is happy to get people who will help push forward the agenda of Hippeas. He further said that the investors would play a major role in the expansion of the company to even wider grounds. Seth Rodsky, the manager of Strand Equity Partners, expressed his satisfaction with the operations of the company and that they are willing to work together with the company’s management to make Hippeas even better.

About Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur with a rich experience in business activities. He established his business while still in school back in 2003 which involved planning, managing, and coordinating events. In his company he worked with a lot of renowned brands such as Pollen St. He opted out of the company in 2010 after which he acquired a beverage business.

In 2015 he founded the now famous snack producing company Green Park Holdings. The companies’ first product, Hippeas, is a hit in the market today. Hippeas is made of chickpea which is free of all health effects brought about by consuming food. They minimize the risk of consuming too many calories which comes by with consuming snacks.

Livio Bisterzo graduated with an honors degree, Business, and Management in Fashion from the prestigious University of the Arts London. He is currently based in Los Angeles where he lives with his family. His business is also based in Los Angeles even though there are branches in the US and UK which serve their esteemed customers.

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Livio Bisterzo Welcomes Leonardo DiCaprio To The Hippeas Family

     A seasoned actor, Leonardo DiCaprio together with Strand Equity Partners, has made a significant investment in Green Park Brands. Green Park Brands is the holding company to the infamous Hippeas Brand that has captured the snack market in the past one year. The popularity of chickpeas puff snacks manufactured by Hippeas brand is soaring indicating the economic viability of the product.

Green Park Brand’s primary offices are located in Santa Monica, California. Hippeas Brand is made up of a wide range of tasty chickpeas puff snacks that come in different flavors. The light meals come six flavors that are sumptuous and hippy as their name suggests. In as much as the exact amount of Leonardo’s investment has not been made public, it’s in the public domain that the round of funding that Leonardo took part helped raise over $2.5 million for Hippeas.

Livio Bisterzo, the man behind the Hippeas brand, believes that the success of the recent fundraiser is an indicator of the growth prospects of Green Park Brands. He expressed his excitement of having Strand Equity Partners and celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio as part of the Hippeas family.

Hippeas chickpeas snacks have gained a lot of root in the UK and the United States. The snack is and healthier option compared to existing snacks on the market. Within the short time that Hippeas snacks have been on the market, the snacks have found space on most retail shelves because they are fast moving.

Part of the reason why Hippeas has been a sensation across the US and the UK is that Livio Bisterzo had the needs of the modern day consumer in mind while coming up with the product. The entrepreneur of Italian descent is known to have created the Alvaro Group which grew into a successful enterprise.

Mr. Livio is determined to change the world through his brand Hippeas. The snacks have numerous health benefits given that they are green and healthier. The entrepreneur also ensures that farmers who supply the company with chickpeas get better returns to their harvest and therefore motivating them to do more in their work.

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Promoting Success in Media with Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

     More than 30 million people in Mexico have access to radio receivers, and at least 25 million people own television sets. Although this is only about 25 percent of the population, it is still a rich market for media companies. Major media houses will provide not only radio and television they also have newspapers and magazine as part of their business. This makes them a one stop shop. Smaller media houses tend to focus on one area such as radio only.

Major media houses include La Prensa, Grupo Televisa, T.V Azteca and El Universal. Grupo Televisa is the largest and the most successful among these. La Prensa with its circulation of 330,000 comes a close second to its sister paper ESTO that has a circulation of 385,000. Grupo Televisa was founded in 1973 by Emilio Azcarraga Vidaurreta, and the Azcarraga family still owns it.

The company is involved in publishing, radio, and television. Its closest competitor is T.V Azteca a company founded in 1993. It is owned by Grupo Salinas. The newspaper El Universal was founded in 1916 and has the greatest influence in the country. It has a circulation of over 170,000 and is widely respected.

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was born in 1962. He is one of the directors and the executive Vice President at Grupo Televisa. He has held his sit on the board of directors at Televisa since the year 1997. Before taking over as Vice President, he was the Chief Financial Officer.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has held other positions in other companies including White & Case LLP, New York, Mijares and Angoitia, Cortes y Fuentes, S.C. Mr. Angoitia was key in the inking of a deal between Grupo Televisa and Univision that made it possible for them to bring their production to the United States. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is involved in a number of charity organizations.

Alexandre Gama is a Man of Multiple Achievements

     Alexandre Gama is an advertising from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gama is the CEO and founder of Neogama, which is among the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama founded Neogama in 1999.

Alexandre Gama graduated from FAAP with a BA in Publicity and Advertising. He had his debut in publicity in 1982 at Standart Ogilvy in the writing areas. In 1990, Gama continued to write at DM9 where he received multiple awards and recognition. Alexandre Gama also worked at AlmapBBDO and also at Young & Rubicam and led both companies while driving their success.

Alexandre Gama is a man of achievements and multiple awards. Between the years of 2004 and 2013, Gama attended the D&DA festival where he was the first Latin-American to be awarded there. In 2012, Gama joined ABAP and proudly represents Brazil within the industry of communication worldwide. Gama displays a passion for art and has even presented his artistic work at Museu de Arte Brasileira. Gama is also the founder of VIOLAB, which is a guitar music channel on Youtube. Gama is keen on luxury sports cars and as a result, he joined the Briggs Automotive Company. Until present, Alexandre Gama has been awarded 23 Cannes Festival Lion Awards.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega: the Deal Maker Propelling Grupo Televisa to the Top of the Spanish-Speaking World Media

     South America has come to life in the last few decades. Today, many of the countries in the region are booming economies and with large middle-class populations. As the citizens of this countries have become more empowered, they have developed a great demand for information and entertainment. This is the gap where Grupo Televisa has stepped in. Based in Mexico, the large media house serves almost the entirety of Spanish-speaking South America – 19 countries to be exact. Getting the company to become the largest in the region has not been an easy task. However, it has been made a lot easier by having Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega at the helm of the company.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the current Executive Vice President at Grupo Televisa. He has been serving in that capacity for almost two decades now having been named into the role in 2003. Before that, he served as Grupo’s Chief Financial Officer for four years, between 1999 and 2003. Prior to that Mr. Noriega served as a lawyer and was one of the founding partners of respected Mexican law firm, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes, and Fuentes.

A law graduate of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM), Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s legal background has significantly assisted him in his role as Grupo’s Executive Vice President. He is known as one of the best negotiators in the company having been heavily involved in the billion-dollar deal made his parent company and Univision that gave it access to the highly profitable Hispanic market in neighboring United States of America. Additionally, those enjoying high offices in the company greatly appreciate his counsel, including the owner, Emilio Azcárraga Jean.

Away from work, among Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s many passions is philanthropy. He currently has a seat at the American School Foundation’s board of trustees. He is also the chair of the board of trustees at Kardias AC, a foundation that deals with heart disease in children.

Agora Financial Helps Investors Avoid Pitfalls

Agora Financial is a company that has been able to provide a lot of people with valuable information. This company has taken a lead in the financial investment industry by finding out about the stocks and other investments that are going to be profitable in the long-term.

This is a company that has been able to help many investors build a wealth of strategies that can be used to change the outlook of investments. Profitability is the key to better investment strategies, and Agora Financial is putting people in a better place to make profits. The publications that are created by the editors for Agora Financial are extremely important for any investor that needs guidance. These are important publications that shed light on certain areas of the market.

People that are paying high dollar for stocks that have already matured are not in a place where they are really going to be able to make a considerable amount of money. This is what people have to consider when they are looking for investments. They need to invest in those companies where the research is going to be connected to companies that are able to help investors maximize profit.

The large majority of people that are using Agora Financial are people that are too busy to make the time to research online. Most people that are trying to research investments only have a couple of minutes to process information. They do not have hours or weeks to consider investment opportunities. This is why Agora Financial is so popular. This is the company that has made it possible for more people to look at the investments that are actually worth your time. They do not have to spend a lot of time wasting valuable money on companies will not yield high returns.

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How David McDonald has facilitated the growth of OSI Group

     David McDonald is an outstanding business leader who currently serves as the CEO and president of OSI Group. The company is highly recognized in the food processing sector, and it has specialized in the production of bacon, pork, poultry, hot dogs, and beef. The company also sells sausages, pizzas, and fried foods. OSI Group has made significant accomplishments in the industry due to its excellent administration. As the head of the company, David McDonalds has been striving to ensure the development and implementation of sustainable strategies that allow the firm to keep thriving even through the markets are highly dynamic.

McDonald has focused on making sure that the company has excellent health and safety practices. He believes that the productivity of a business can be optimal if the employees are strong and comfortable. The president ensures that the staff members are coached on the safety precautions that they should take while at work. He has developed an excellent plan that assists sick workers to recuperate faster and return to work sooner. Another primary concern of the food company’s leader is in maintaining a good quality of the products that it offers. He makes sure that all the foods are manufactured in the safest and healthiest condition so that the can meet the industry’s high standards.

McDonald has been serving as an administrator for several years, and he understands what it takes to run a successful company. He believes in empowering his team to fulfill the needs of the clients. David once served on the America Meat Institute’s board of directors. He has also managed to better his management skills from the time that he started working at OSI Group LLC. McDonald formerly served as the chief operations officer of the firm before he was offered his current position. The senior office enabled him to acquire knowledge on how to manage a sustainable business and its employees. He is devoted to ensuring that they food company accomplishes its objectives.

OSI Group Is Well-Known in the Food Service World

     OSI Group is a reputable meat processing company that’s located in Aurora, Illinois. It caters to the food service and retail worlds alike. It has a staff that consists of a total of roughly 20,000 individuals. Sheldon Lavin serves as the company’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer). OSI Group is a widely known international food supplier. It teams up with respected retail and food service businesses in order to give people access to high-quality products of all types. Some examples of OSI Group’s specialties include customized dining options, first-rate food safety, in-depth sustainability, international flavor expertise, creative research and imaginative design work.

OSI Group not long ago purchased what used to be a Tyson Foods plant. This plant was located in the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. The firm purchased this plant in June of 2016. Its price was $7.4 million. Tyson Foods indicated in the fall of 2015 that approximately 480 positions would go away after it closed its South Ashland Avenue facility. Roughly 250 workers were still seen at the plant in the beginning of June 2016. June 2nd, 2016 was the plant’s final work day. A good number of these employees were given the opportunity to begin brand new careers with OSI Industries. Alison Kovaleski is a representative for OSI Group. She could not provide exact details regarding the number of individuals who still had jobs with Tyson Foods at the end of June in 2016. OSI Group is looking to expand and broaden its horizons in the food processing universe.

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How UKV PLC is Breaking Many Barriers in The Wine Production Industry

UKV PLC should be considered as being one of your top choices of vintners, as they’re a company that’s placing importance in the departments of production that truly matters. One area of production that many wine producers are failing to pay attention to is research and development. The department of research and development of UKV PLC is one that is consisting of constantly being innovative in all of their production stages. By maintaining a stance of being innovative, UKV PLC is able to have an open mind on how they can go about producing their products of wine as efficiently as possible. Efficiency is certainly a key factor of producing wine products, as it enables their customer base to have a good quality product whenever they need it, as opposed to there being no guarantee about whether a certain product of wine is going to be good in quality at any given point in time.

UKV PLC has shown to be a company that strives to provide some of the tastiest wine products for its customers by providing them with an assurance of knowing that the wine products are undergoing full processes of fermentation, which is actually a step that’s constantly overlooked by many of today’s vintners. Fermentation is a process that ultimately makes a wine what it is in its final stages. Making wine takes time, which is something that many producers are tending to neglect. A help desk associate of the help department of UKV PLC will be able to guide you along the process of obtaining relevant information in regards to how their products are made and what exactly you can expect from them. Why waste time by looking around for a wine product when you have one that you can certainly rely on to deliver a product that is of a totally great quality? Contact UKV PLC today!

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