About OSI Group

Among the biggest meat producers of meat in the USA is OSI Group. It is the most significant in America with expansions in Europe and other areas of the globe. When it began in 1928, OSI was called Otto & Sons. After several decades, the company acquired its present name. So far, the company has enlarged significantly with high-quality performance. OSI Group was recognized as the 58th biggest private firm in 2016.

The headquarters are situated in Chicago, but plants are all over the nation. Wisconsin, Iowa, Utah, Chicago, Geneva, Oakland, and California are among the located with plants. OSI produces a broad range of foods suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some are favorable snacks to eat during the day. Among the foods produced are hot dogs, pizza, pork, vegetables, poultry, bacon, and pastries.


OSI Group is making successful attempts of expanding by acquiring other food companies. In 2016, OSI Group purchased Baho Food. It is a Dutch company specializing in meat production. It also processes other food items for retailers. Baho has operations in Germany and Netherlands. It also has five other subsidiaries. This acquisition is a major move forward for OSI Group. It will reach more parts of the world with its services and products.

Similarly, OSI Group bought Tyson Foods in Chicago. This acquisition was convenient for OSI because the two companies are nearby of each other. By owning this company, OSI will meet customer expectations with more capabilities. The purchase of these two firms is not just a win for OSI Group. Customers will also benefit greatly from the continued excellence of OSI Group. It will widen the food varieties and services. Job at OSI Group.

Together with other partners in the international scene, OSI has attained success in the food industry. This company is mindful of corporate social responsibility. All operations are conducted with sustainable approaches. The company cares about the welfare of the community and environment. Due to this commitment, OSI Group has won awards in safety, environmental management, and health. Under the capable leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI has impacted the global community and still aims at doing better. Lavin is the CEO and chairman of OSI.

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