The world goes round with EOS

As you search through the cosmetic isle with only 5 dollars in your purse you wonder, what in the world can I purchase with this amount of money?

You don’t want to trade good quality for cheap even deadly ingredients but you also don’t want dry unkissable lips. What is a girl to do? Buy EOS lip-balms! For once we don’t have to break the bank or sacrifice our souls in order to have the latest in natural lip wear. Check this related article here on

The flavors are unbelievably yummy and for just a few bucks you have an Instagram worthy product. Life is sweet. No really, life is actually sweet when you glide the vanilla mint Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres across your lips. I’ve worn really strong mint lip glosses in the past that almost burn your lips. Some brands overdo it but fortunately, the sweet and minty balance this flavor provides is impeccable, click and see products here.

I love this particular line of products because not only does it provide the ultimate amount of moisture, it has such a cute aesthetic. The circular shape offers a really natural feel in my hand and the rubber-like feel makes it almost nonslip. In this case, size does matter. These EOS lip-balms are compact enough to fit in a small cross body bag but also large enough not to get lost at the bottom of your larger purses.

Based on, with the target audience being anywhere from the ages of 25-35, EOS makes sure their products are as stylish as we are. Did you know that EOS linked up with the brand Keds to make shoes that match the lip-balm? Major win for any company that continues to innovate in such interesting ways. I truly appreciate how EOS works hard to provide today’s millennials with fun and fresh ways to stay pretty.