Why EOS Flavors Standout

EOS stands out on shelves for their unique applicator orbs and in customer’s hearts for the incredible quality of their lip balm, but where EOS truly shines is the flavor options that they offer, learn more here. Understanding why EOS flavors are so unique and delicious to apply is best accomplished by trying some of their flavors.

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Strawberry sorbet lip balm by EOS is a great example of this. While other strawberry flavored lip balms are sold on the market, EOS’ strawberry sorbet has a truly unique flavor due to the freshness and vibrant flavor of the balm. Unlike their competitors, strawberry sorbet doesn’t taste fake and artificial. This is because EOS sources their lip balm from natural ingredients and don’t use the filler and artificial flavors that competitors do.

This is also evident in the EOS sweet mint flavor which does not taste medicinal or fake, like so many other mint flavored lip balms do. Instead, sweet mint has a refreshing flavor that refreshes your lips without that synthetic flavor. Again, the lack of additives is the difference maker here.

The organic and natural ingredients that EOS uses truly shines through with their ability to produce more subtle flavors like honeysuckle honeydewwhich has never been sold in lip balm form by any lip balm maker, ever. EOS honeysuckle honeydew is a subtle flavor that has delicate floral flavors and a light subdued fruit flavor. That gheflavor works is amazing in and of itself, and EOS stands out for having the ability to create such delicate and refreshing lip balms. Find more products here on walmart.ca.

EOS stands out in the lip balm market for many reasons including their package marketing and the fact that their lip balms are organic and all natural, refer also to this site, eos.info. However, perhaps more so, EOS stands out for its great flavors which taste like no other lip balm in the market.