Finding the Right EOS Lip Balm for the Summer

As summer approaches many people decide to switch up their products to those that are more summer themed and fresh tasting. This is true of the foods that people eat as well as their lip balms. Many different fruit tasting lip balms are available that can be enjoyed throughout the summer season.

For this summer lip balm transition we will concentrate on what I find to be the highest quality lip balm out there; EOS. EOS has redefined the lip balm industry by creating a better overall lip balm that is sourced with all-natural and organic ingredients that simply work better than the competition. EOS also offers an array of flavors to choose from and sell them in these brightly colored pastel orbs that are fun and sanitary to use, hit this page.

EOS’ most summer flavor is, of course, summer fruit. Summer fruit is a lip balm that is based on jojoba oil which offers lasting freshness and has added Vitamin E to protect your lips. Summer fruit has a number of blended fruit flavors but the real standout is the blueberry flavor which shines through the blend. Summer fruit lip balm by EOS is refreshing, tasty, and powerful, without any hint of artificial flavors. Check out more stories here on

Another entry in the summer lip balm retinue is strawberry sorbet by EOS. Very reminiscent of fresh June strawberries, this lip balm offering is also strong and fresh tasting and tastes more li real strawberries than it does the jams and preserves or candy that many other strawberry lip balms taste like. Get more products here on

Passion fruit lip balm adds a degree of the tropical to your lip balm and has a interesting and complex exotic flavor. Passion fruit is a unique offering and has a complex flavor, just like the real fruit, without tasting fake or artificial in the process.

All of these lip balms offered by EOS are great options as we enter the summer season if you are in the mood for a unique flavored lip balm for summer.

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