The Blueberry Acai EOS Lip Balm

What do you do when you finally find your lip balm tube with the cap off and unknown particles stuck to it. You refuse to use it and you’re likely to throw it away. But, the smart thing to consider is buying a lip balm that’s not packaged that way. Consider EOS. That’s the main reason I tried EOS, the secure packaging. After countless uncapped tubes of lip balm, I used my brain. Initially, I avoided EOS because it seemed like a fad and I abhor fads, plus I generally don’t buy flavored things and I like to keep the smelly things on my body to a limit.

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Still, I finally decided to see what all the hoopla was about. After buying my first orb, I will never go back to the tube again. I love the fact that when I’m not using the balm, the cap is screwed on and will not fall off no matter where I store it. I can throw it in the glove compartment of my car. It can sit on the bottom of my over stuffed purse. It can sit in my coat pocket with all that lint I usually find there when I turn the pockets inside out, see No matter where I put it, it’s ready for use when I unscrew the cap.

Yes, and I fell in love with the flavors too. I buy fresh blueberries in season and when I discovered I could taste them on my soft supple lips, I celebrated by buying an orb of blueberry acai, purchase here. It smells wonderful, like walking through a patch of blueberries in season, but not overpowering. The taste is pleasant, not overwhelming like I feared.

Yet, my favorite feature of the blueberry acai EOS lip balm is how it makes my lips feel. The coconut oil, Shea butter, sesame seed oil and olive oil extracts all provide some kind of health benefit to my lips, plus they’re super soft and smooth.

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