The Trusted Lip Balm Name

Doe Deere had a vision seven years ago, and now, she is living that dream. Deere had a dream of creating a lip balm that people wanted to use, after discovering firsthand the shortage of products. She created EOS lip balms with the customer in mind, focusing on an all-natural, moisturizing product that enhanced and excited the lips. Her lip balm was created and designed to enhance all the senses and the product certainly succeeded in that goal. More related stories here on


The Flavor Choices

When you sweep EOS lip balm across your lips, instant gratification is noted thanks to the all-natural fruity flavor. You’ll year for more, yet feel ultimately satisfied with what you’re experiencing. EOS lip balm flavors are plentiful, giving every taste bud the opportunity to get something they love.


EOS lip balm is offered in fun flavor choices including:

Raspberry Pomegranate

– Vanilla Bean

– Sweet Mint

– Strawberry Sorbet


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These are just a few of the flavor choices that you can pick from when choosing EOS lip balms. Although the brand is still one of the newest to join the beauty product industry, it is a brand that will be around for a long time to come, pop over to this site. You can trust the EOS lip balms to deliver expectations well above your wildest imagination. Never agin will you be able to use a lip balm other than EOS. It is that addictive!


Use EOS Lip Balms

EOS lip balms have everything that you could want or need in the product. It is in your best interest to discover firsthand why there is so much excitement found in EOS lip balms.