Understanding Hedge Fund Investment by Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the Chief Investment Officer at Karrisdale Capital management; a special situations hedge fund he founded in 2009. He is also a University of Yale graduate, having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Sahm Adrangi is a renowned specialist in stock market scams and shares detailed research with the entrepreneurial community. However, he is currently focusing his business on sharing views on stocks that are misunderstood or exaggerated by the market. Having started his business with less than $1 million, the fund has grown and is currently worth over $150 million. Since its inception, his major focus has been on the Chinese market.

Before founding Karrisdare Capital, Sahm Adrangi worked as an investment analyst for Longacre Management Fund. At Longacre, his role was to do investment research on the management’s equity and debt credit funds. He also worked at Chanin Capital Partners where he helped in bankruptcy restructuring and advising creditors. Prior to joining Chanin, he worked at Deutsche Bank as a consultant.

His company has accumulated over $100 million from investors betting on single stock. Unlike other hedge funds that raise funds to focus on a particular angle of investment, Karrisdale uses its capital to cut down stocks of newly started public companies. Currently, the fund is investing on a company it acquired for approximately $10 billion, but has not provided the details about the deal publicly.

Karrisdare is known for betting against public companies and taking its case to the public. Under Sahm Adrangi’s stewardship, the fund has made average annual returns of over 28% by betting for and against public company stocks. Some of the companies it has leveraged include Global star, Zafren and Sage Therapeutics. Sahm Adrangi stated that his hedge fund is one of a kind because it offers a co-investment environment that helps several investors raise money and trade as a unit.