Joel Friant Explains The Great Health Benefits Of His Product The Original Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who lives in Washington state. Over the course of his professional career he has garnered experience in a number of industries. Within the real estate industry he has worked in real estate sales and as a mortgage broker. Additionally, he has been a home remodeler which led to him also starting a business where he bought, fixed up, and sold homes otherwise commonly known as “house flipping”. It’s within the food industry, though, that he has found his greatest success.

In 1995 Joel Friant opened a restaurant with a unique twist. It was a fast food Thai restaurant which was the first of its kind in the United States. It was during this time that he also developed a new product he called The Habanero Shaker. Eventually this product was sold in a number of grocery chains across Washington.

Joel Friant relaunched The Habanero Shaker in 2012. It is now called The Original Habanero Shaker and is sold on both Amazon and eBay. Beyond tasting great and having a serious heat to it, habanero peppers are also very healthy. Habanero peppers contain a lot of Capsaicin which has been shown to cause your brain to release endorphins. These endorphins are both a natural painkiller as well as triggering a calm and soothing sensation in your brain as they lock onto some of the brains receptor sites.

Joel Friant points to other proven benefits of eating habanero peppers when marketing The Original Habanero Shaker. It can kill bacteria very quickly and, perhaps even better, eating this pepper increases a person’s metabolic rate. This can be very helpful to dieters as this helps to lose weight. Additionally, it can help to prevent ulcers and it has high amounts of both vitamin’s A and C.

The Original Habanero Shaker is guaranteed by Joel Friant to be 100% habanero flakes. He doesn’t have any other additives, like artificial flavor and colors, added to the 1.5-ounce containers he sells his product in. He also adds that The Original Habanero Shaker is a great alternative to more common food accompaniments such as Tabasco.

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