The Contribution of George Soros in Supporting Non-Profit Organizations

George Soros is a renowned philanthropist whose contributions has assisted many people. He contributed a total $18 billion Open Society Foundation to improve its operations. The donations forms one of the largest amounts that has ever been donated to a foundation by a private donor.

Open Society Foundation is the second-biggest donor foundation in the USA.The non-profited organization has been involved in promoting democracy and human rights for over 30 years in over 120 countries. Open Society Foundation provided financial aid to health facilities to help in curbing Ebola outbreak. The organization also funded the development of a center for Roma art and culture. George Soros has been funding the Open Society Foundation for many years. Initially, his contribution to the organization ranged between $800 and $900 million annually. However, he increased the contribution in the last few years up to $18 billion in 2017. The funds are being utilized in funding vital programs such as promoting democracy.

The leadership of Soros enabled the Open Society Foundations to help many organizations in various parts of the world. The organization has also funded thousands of students in various universities to complete their studies. The philanthropy of Soros is traced back to 1979 when he awarded scholarships students from South Africa who had been affected by apartheid. He promoted the exchange of ideas in 1980 at Communist Hungary by sponsoring visits to the West. He also contributed some funds which were used in the developing Central European University which was meant for encouraging critical thinking. Since 1984, the total donation that he has awarded to Open Society Foundations is more than $30 billion. The funds have been used in solving various problems in various parts of the world.

The contribution of Soros in fostering education has led to the success of many students. Many students were sponsored to attend the University of Cape Town in the 1970s. Central European University was awarded $880 million by Soros to improve its operations in the 1990s.He served as the chairman of the institution till 2007.He also gave over $100 million to various learning institutions in former USSR. Many disadvantaged students have been able to attain knowledge and skills in various universities and colleges.

Soros has provided humanitarian supports in various parts of the world. He contributed millions of dollars in 1990s for providing humanitarian help to various people after the war in Yugoslavia. He also gives funds which are used in fighting against racial discrimination and LGBTI. The funds are also used in enhancing national security and counterterrorism. Some of the funds are awarded to organizations that promote the disability rights. Soros has also donated $5 million UNICEF to assist in providing efficient services in various countries.

Soros gave Millennium Promise over $75 million to help in fighting poverty in Africa. The project is aimed at using a holistic approach to solve many problems in Africa.It ensures that all the children can access for high-quality education.It also ensures that the healthcare facilities, food, and water are available to the members of the society.The information above was obtained from New York Times.

The Oxford Club and Impressive Strategizing

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