Greg Aziz Is making A Splash At National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz has a solid track record of making National Steel Car a significant competitor in the freight car industry. Greg J Aziz is also looking to make major changes as he continues to grow his company as the CEO.

Greg Aziz has been making moves to improve National Steel Car for over 25 years now as the President and CEO. In the last decade alone National Steel Car has consistently been honored with the annual TTX SECO award. You can only consistently nail the TTX SECO award for your company if you have been smashing through glass ceilings and increasing customer value.


From the outside looking in, an average American Citizen would look at the freight car industry and ask why anyone would want a slice of that pie. IT sounds like an outdated form of transportation. The freight car industry must be declining, right? Wrong. Let’s look at one of the world’s most wealthy individuals and see what he thinks.


Warren Buffet has always had investments in the freight car business. He noticed that the golden age was going to come again for the freight car industry. He looked for and found a company to buy outright on 2009. Early 2010 he finalized his purchase and was the proud owner of Burlington Northern Santa Fe. The profitability of his newly acquired asset has doubled. Greg Aziz looks like he wants to continue to grow his company’s market share during this golden age.


Growth during this golden age can be feasible with how much the freight industry brings in annual revenues for the entire world. Freight Cars as an industry racks in over $60 billion a year. This is a big piece of the pie that Greg wants to grab. It’s a feasible goal, and its impressive how far National Steel Car has come with only 329 employees. The company is still expanding and shooting for the stars as they plow through the competition. Click Here to learn more.


It seems Greg has the continence to make this happen. Working with the company for over 25 years has given him a chance to understand the business and industry in many different perspectives. These perspectives will prove useful when growing the business. Shareholders are looking to Greg Aziz with expecting eyes and hungry hearts for their CEO to guide the company in the right direction. To learn more about James Aziz visit his LinkedIn profile.

Gregory Aziz of National Steel Car Leads the Business to Success

Gregory James Aziz is a leader and entrepreneur. He presently holds an executive position at National Steel Car. As the chairman and president of the company, Gregory J Aziz oversees critical decision making. With vast experience in engineering, Aziz is a capable leader who has ensured that the company operates to please clients. More about Aziz.




Having over 100 years’ experience in service delivery, the company is inclined to deliver excellent services in manufacturing and engineering. The company operates based on high quality service delivery featuring commitment and excellence. Over the past years, the company has built its stellar reputation by providing the best services. Since 1912 when it was established, North America has benefited from top notch products. The firm has been a leading manufacturer for freight cars that not only meet client needs but also exceed their expectations. By producing products that satisfy client’s expectations beyond their demands, it is evident that the manufacturing firm is chaired by one of the leading brains across the world.




For the company, the cornerstone for operations lies with the people. The people in this case refer to the team that offers services. Behind the team is the leadership of Greg James Aziz who works tirelessly to ensure that services are delivered at the right time and of the right quality. For Aziz, team work is paramount because the company is a valued asset. Not only has Aziz ensured that the firm issues high quality products but also timely and evolving supply to the ever growing and transforming population. The management skills of James Aziz have massively contributed to the company’ growth with him incorporating the team’s collective input. In North America, the company has expanded its operations into new territories thanks to his efforts. Constantly, Aziz has focused on the strengths and efficiencies of the firm. Through the two pillars has the company managed to overcome the challenges that come with pleasing clients.


Personal Profile


Aziz was born in London. He attended the Ridley College and advanced his studies at Western Ontario University. Aziz was a dedicated student in economics. After college, he joined his family business as a wholesale retailer for Affiliated Foods. For 16 years, the company expanded its operations thanks to the leadership of Aziz. Aziz later worked on several banking investment opportunities. Presently, he is a recognized leader who serves as a mentor and investment advisor aside from chairing the manufacturing firm. Aziz is equipped with top notch leadership skills.

Why Gregory Aziz is Way Better than anyone you have Ever Met

Gregory James Aziz, commonly known as Greg is a man who knows how to challenge his inner self to become a better person. Today, Greg Aziz is renowned for being the best Chairman, President, and CEO that National Steel Car has ever had since its inception. Ever since Greg set foot at the institution, he has helped raise the bar, particularly in the rail industry. Through its time, National Steel Car has made many accomplishments, but that has not caused the institution to lose focus. With a thirst for success, James Aziz has inspired National Steel Car to function intelligently and with high efficiency.


Under Gregory’s employment is a team of more than 2000 individuals all of whom thrive on creating the best rail cars on the market. Gregory J Aziz joined National Steel Car in 1994 right after he had completed his Economics studies from Western University. For the more than two decades that Aziz has been part and parcel of National Steel Car, he has helped the corporation raise the bar for the rail industry in the country and the world as a whole. Without the contribution of Gregory James, National Steel Car would not at any single time boast of being the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.


Over time, James has helped National Steel Car increase on production creating new products in the process. Some of the items that National Steel Car produces include the 25500G Tank Car, 29000G Tank Car, 30500G Tank Car, the auto rack, centerbeam, coal, flat, covered hopper, coil, gondola, intermodal spine, intermodal well, super duty box, open top hopper, and the jumbo box car. With a 99% customer satisfaction rate, Gregory Aziz has helped the corporation make substantial amounts of profits over the years. Thanks to the leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has scooped the annual TTX SECO award for ten years in a row. Go To This Page for more information.


During his time, Gregory has helped the team at National Steel Car adopt new technologies, a contribution that has helped the corporation go that extra mile. Today, National Steel Car is not only the best in the business but is also the one place in the world that you will always find excellent engineering practices as regards to the railroad industry. If Gregory James Aziz had not set foot in National Steel Car twenty-three years ago, then the wheels of change would still be lagging behind.

Eric Lefkofsky Invests in Companies’ Successes

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of many well-known organizations. He grew up in Southfield, Michigan. He went to college at the University of Michigan where he received his bachelor’s degree and then his Juris Doctor’s degree as well. After graduation, Lefkofsky and his college friend bought Brandon Apparel. In 1999, they created a company that sold products online that did very well and was bought out by Halo Industries less than a year later, with Lefkofsky becoming their Chief Operating Officer. The company went bankrupt, which spurred Lefkofsky to create the marketing firm InnerWorkings which received year over year growth and succeeded when introduced to the stock market. He stayed on their board of directors until 2012.

Staying with his college friend, Brad Keywell, he created the freight logistics company Eco Global Logistics. It also became a successfully traded company in 2006. Seeing their businesses succeed, they focused on a media-buying technology company and eventually merged it with a similar company to form Mediaocean for a deal that was estimated to be worth one point five million dollars. Using some of this funds, he co-founded and donated one million dollars to, an online website that allowed people to access good deals so long as multiple people were using it. The company later changed their name to Groupon. Using money from other company’s support, Groupon quickly became one of the fastest growing companies in history, according to

In addition to Groupon, Lefofsky and Keywell founded Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a Chicago based company that focuses on helping startup companies and almost any stage of getting their company off the ground. The company focuses on disruptive technology, or technology that could alter the way we live. The company is unique in the fact that it does not focus most of its efforts in Silicone Valley but instead has presence throughout the United States.

In November 2015, Eric Lefkofsky stepped down as the CEO of Groupon and started a company designed to help cancer patients get innovative care. His continued vision of organizations set out to change the industries they are in means his next focus is almost guaranteed to be a success.

Eric Pulier balances it all

Eric Pulier is a business man. I hear you, there are a lot of business men out there. But few accomplish in their lifetime what Eric Pulier has accomplished so far, and he barely looks old enough to wear his beard.

Eric Pulier is solidly successful in the ever-changing technology world. In 1997 he was selected to create and run the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington DC. He has also helped found 15 different technology companies, and is currently the chairman and CEO of ServiceMesh Inc, a cloud management company operating in 3 countries.

These accomplishments would be impressive on their own, but Mr. Pulier also manages to invest time and resources in some more permanent fields, i.e. family and philanthropy.
He is the father of four, and is an involved member on the board of The Painted Turtle. The Painted Turtle is a summer camp with the purpose of bringing summer outdoor fun to children with serious health conditions that might otherwise limit them. Since 2007 it also offers an outreach program called The Painted Turtle Outpost that brings the fun to children that are currently in hospital.

Mr. Pulier is down-to-earth about the process of become a successful entrepreneur, and offers very meaningful tips for getting your head in the game. In a recent podcast with Daniel Budzinski he gave the advice to “not put entrepreneurs in a category separate from yourself, thinking that maybe I don’t have what they have.” He stresses the importance of using imagination while not being overly concerned about how the playing field may be different in 5 years. “If you work you way backwards from the end of the maze, there is always a way.” Simplicity is also an important part of his philosophy and he states “Add complexity only where necessary.” Easier said than done at times, but if his story is anything to go by, it may be worth pinning that to the refrigerator.

For more information please visit

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Start JustFab

Don Ressler is a respected entrepreneur based in the United States. He is the founder of several successful brands in the country too. Don Ressler and his close business partner, Adam Goldenberg started JustFab, the parent company to other companies in the fashion and beauty industry. Don Ressler has the ability to spot any upcoming brands in the fashion and beauty industry and develop them to leading brands. With the help of Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler has been able to achieve a lot. In all his activities, Don Ressler has been successful because he combines fun and passion to ensure that everything is perfect.

Don Ressler met his business partner many years ago when Adam Goldenberg was working at a company known as Intermix Media. Adam was one of the youngest serving COO’s in the country, and he was working hard to make sure that the institution achieved its dreams. Ressler was already an entrepreneur when he met Adam at Intermix. The two become fast friends, and they partnered to help each other. Don Ressler sold his company, FitnessHaven.Com to Intermix Media. After selling the successful venture, he acquired a lot of money that was enough to start several other companies.

After several years, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to sell Intermix Media to the famous News Corporation. After the several months, the institution collapsed because the new management was not careful in their operations. The successful organization dropped its revenue, forcing the two businessmen to go out and look for greener pastures.

After leaving Intermix Media, Don Ressler and his friend started Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce platform that earned them a lot of revenue. The success of the brand enabled the two to start other beauty and health brands online. All the brands did well, encouraging the businessman to venture into a more personalized shopping experience for the consumer. According to the two, the businesses would now merge social media interaction and edge cutting fashion at an affordable price.

This proved to be untapped opportunity for the two entrepreneurs. After a lot of hard work and dedication, they realized that fashion could be very profitable if done online. Fabletics was born after some time to offer the fashionable consumer activewear. The investors are able to send fashionable clothes to their customers once a month. Kate Hudson is a famous actress in the United States, and she has been part of the brand for some time now.

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Geoff Cone Shares his Views on the New Zealand’s Effective Tax Laws and Trusts

Geoff Cone wrote an article for Herald Business Magazine in 2012 about New Zealand’s tax transparency. In the article, he wrote that the New Zealand media overlook foreign trusts matters. According to him, New Zealand is not a tax haven. This is because the country is missing in OECD’s records of tax havens. Cone mentioned that tax-free countries impose little or no taxes and lack tax transparency. He also wrote that New Zealand’s tax standards adhere to the OECD tax matters agreement model. The model allows the exchange of information globally for tax law enforcement.


New Zealand Meeting OECD Tax Standards

Cone also pointed out how OECD white listed New Zealand for implementing the agreed tax standards. He said that New Zealand tackles foreign trusts and trustee requirements transparently. This involves working with other governments when they ask for trustee information. Cone also mentioned that according to New Zealand’s IRD, trustees must fill and send form IR607 (a foreign trust disclosure form) and present other personal records such as title deeds and accounting reports.


New Zealand’s IRD reduces tax evasion and investment impediments through the country’s 39 double tax agreements. The country also signed 20 agreements on tax information exchange with several countries. Trustees use their New Zealand foreign trusts for succession planning and asset protection. Most trustees also deem the country safe for safeguarding their foreign trusts.


Geoff Cone’s Work Background

Geoff Cone is a commercial litigation lawyer and the founder of Cone Marshall Limited. Cone studied at the Otago University in New Zealand and graduated with an LLB honors and an advanced diploma in tax and trust law. He started practicing law in 1980 as a resident of Auckland, New Zealand. Cone relocated to Christchurch, New Zealand after receiving a job offer in an established law firm. In the company, he majored in tax, trusts, and commercial litigation. He also served as legal counsel for the Privy Council.


Cone also lived in British West Indies and practiced commercial litigation law. He later relocated to Auckland to start his law firm, Cone Marshal Limited. He manages the law firm with Karen Marshall, who serves as the principal. The company’s services include trust and trustee management and international tax and trust planning. Foreign trust holders in New Zealand rely on Cone Marshall because no other company in the country offers international tax and trust planning services.

How the Creative Genius of Adam Goldenberg Has Transformed JustFab into a Fashion Powerhouse

JustFab is one of the subsidiaries of the TechStyle Fashion Group. The US-based online fashion retailer was founded in March of 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The e-commerce venture towers high over its competitors because of the personalized shopping experience they offer to consumers. The firm’s selections include designer shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim wear. The other subsidiaries are JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics.

The passionate duo of Adam and Don is renowned for their sharp business intuition. They are very fast to spot lucrative trends and capitalize on them appropriately. For instance, entering 2014, Adam was quoted remarking, ’this is going to be a big year for us.” And, indeed the firm went ahead to make a startling impact that year. The previous year witnessed Adam’s company raise a total of $55 in funding. JustFab also added ShoeDazzle to their portfolio.

Importance of Customer Feedback

Today, celebrities in the US and elsewhere choose to shop at JustFab. Speaking in an interview, Adam was quick to quip that an entrepreneur’s best ally happens to be constant learning and having dynamic strategies. Transparency and listening to the views, opinion and general feedback from your customers at all times are also a must.

Adam on Passion and Hiring

When Adam was asked about hiring, he replied by saying that passion is everything. Many employers, he added, are only focused on the resume and the book smarts of their potential employees. Bosses forget that provided their staff have passion and drive; everything else falls into play almost automatically.

Introducing Kimora Lee Simmons

JustFab got a huge boost regarding both publicity and capability when they hired Kimora Lee Simmons. Mrs. Simmons had already build Phat Baby, a billion dollar valued fashion line. No wonder JustFab continues to make millions in revenues each year, today.

About Adam Goldenberg

Adam ventured into business at a very tender age. By the time he was 15, Adam already had a company launched. It was called Gamers Alliance which later got sold to Intermix Media in 1999. By the time he clocked 20, he was the COO of Intermix. He made a record of being the youngest ever COO of a publicly traded company.

In 2005, Intermix was successfully acquired by News Corporation. Adam and his close friend, Adam went ahead to set up their very own business the year after. It was titled Intelligent Beauty. Ideally, the duo wanted to come up with online-based shopping experiences capable of providing affordable albeit superior quality fashion apparel merchandise to their global clientele base.

Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics Finds Success is JustFab!

Don Ressler is a passionate man. He is passionate about his business pursuits, he is passionate about his charitable work, and he is passionate about fitness and fashion. It was Ressler’s love of the last two and his devotion to the first that led to his position as CEO of Fabletics and being Co-CEO of JustFab, inc. From the success of these endeavors, he has been able to do more of his passion for charity work and helping others than he could have ever thought possible.

When Don Ressler started mapping out his plan for Fabletics with business partner Adam Goldenberg he had a simple idea in mind, create a line of great clothing that was fashion forward and fit into the active fitness lifestyle that many Americans pursue today. He knew that people wanted to be able to live their everyday lives in clothes that not only looked great, but were comfortable and functional in today’s fast paced and highly active world.

Ressler founded his first startup and turned it into a success that attracted the purchase of the company by intermix media in 2001. It was there that he met Adam Goldenberg and a friendship soon developed into a partnership that has proven to be very successful for them both. Ressler has now been the weight behind a great many startups including Fabletics and JustFab among others. Most of these endeavors have come out of the incubator that the two men formed after a brainstorming session held in Goldenberg’s living room. That session gave birth to Brand Ideas, which would later become the behemoth known today as Intelligent Beauty.

The first child to be born from their incubator was DERMSTORE a skin care brand, which was followed two years later by the now legendary weight loss brand SENSA. Don Ressler with Goldenberg at his side, have launched many more successful endeavors since those early days. Among the most well known of these further endeavors is JustFab which has expanded into FabKids, FabShoes and now with the partnership of Kate Hudson Fabletics. Ressler has been behind the wheel the entire time and has steered his and Goldenberg’s concept of fashion forward clothing and sensible skin care into a highly profitable subscription based model that provides service to millions of customers monthly all over the world.

On a personal side, Ressler has also found a way to bring his unique touch for success to philanthropic activities. He has been active in many non-profits along with his wife. Ressler believes that success and giving back go hand in hand. He has used the power of his connections in the business world to reach out to many community improvement partners to help make the world a better place for all.

The only real question is what could be next on the radar for this man of many talents? Whatever it is, no doubt he will be fab at it. See: