Desiree Perez Makes Tidal Relevant

Desiree Perez realized the stakes were high for Tidal when Jay-Z made the purchase. When he decided to buy this company it was going to be a difficult road ahead because he had never owned a music streaming service before. The Tidal brand is thriving now, but there was a time where this was a company that was losing customers at an enormous rate. Desiree Perez has stepped in and helped Jay-Z create a whole new fan based that is interest in paying for Tidal. This says a lot. Click Here for more.

Desiree Perez is getting her fair share of praise for her she had a lot to do with the way that the Tidal brand has been able to provide both video and music content. People are realizing that title is more than just a music streaming service. There are live concerts that are being streamed through this app as well. This has made it much more pleasurable for people that are trying get the most exclusive content at one time. The title has become the type of company that people are excited about because it presents them with something that they cannot find anywhere else. Perez at Facebook.

It was evident that Desiree Perez was aware of the way that exclusive content will play a part in the success of Tidal. She is someone that helped Jay-Z drive this point home. Now companies like Sprint have invested in Tidal because of the great amount of publicity that this company has received due to all the exclusive content that is available through the site. Desiree Perez has really shown that she has a knack for business, and she has a way to get customers to sign up for a Tidal. She has been a great resource for a Roc Nation Sports and Tidal music streaming services. for more.