What Is Beneful Dog Food?

Beneful dog food is a nutritious brand of food which includes wet food, dry food, and treats. This dog food was rated the fourth most popular dog food. Beneful has an annual revenue of over $1.5 billion. Beneful dog food is full of natural ingredients to keep your pets healthy. But in creating this product they not only focused on the healthy part, but the tasty part too. Beneful has several different flavors of dog food to fit any dogs desire. Beneful also has wet food made with gravy, that can be mixed with dog food to give it more flavor. Beneful is overall a great choice of food for any dog.

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Buying on a Budget: Beneful

Dog food can be expensive; especially for those bottomless pits that never seem to be fed enough. Shopping for Beneful’s food products at Walmart can make the once-expensive shopping trip a bargain hunter’s dream. The prices of Beneful are already quite low for premium-grade dog food. With prices ranging from as low as $5 to $35 for the large quantity bag, there’s an option for every wallet. For those who want to make sure their dogs are receiving the best ingredients in their feed, prices range around the $20 mark. Walmart frequently rollbacks on their prices as well, saving one an extra dollar or two.

Double this with the coupons that Walmart provides, and one is looking at a steal. Let’s take Beneful’s Originals with Real Salmon, for example. Priced at $26, we can easily snip a few coupons that Walmart provides specifically for Beneful on their website, and the price drops by a few dollars. Not to mention, there’s oftentimes coupons specifically for buying in bulk, saving one a few extra trips to the store later. Since Walmart carries practically every product of Beneful’s, be it with real salmon, with real ingredients, or simply dry dog food, one can easily line up one’s coupons with the specials and sales that Walmart regularly hosts for their dog food section to use and abuse the market to one’s, and one’s loyal pet’s, benefit.

With a little bit of thrift maneuvering, one can keep one’s dog fed with the best premium dog food without breaking the bank and still allowing one to feed one’s own family, too.

Beneful Coupons: https://www.beneful.com/coupons/