Julia Jackson: Writer and Proprietor

 About Julia

Julia Jackson is the proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, as well as a writer and French culture enthusiast. Born in 1988 in light filled California, She describes herself as “always” having a passion for the wine business. A daughter of Barbara Banke and Jess Jackson, she certainly had great role-models. In fact, she describes her father describing the importance of hard work, while she and her siblings picked grapes from the vineyard. This trend has continued to this day- it’s not uncommon to see Julia happily working 14-hour days. Her mother, a strong woman, empowered Julia. Thus, she created Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a non-profit that aims to empower women, especially ones who have overcome adversity. She currently works on this non-profit with her sister, Katherine.

Julia doesn’t only have a passion for wine and helping others- she loves French culture. Having firmed a lifelong friendship with a French woman she met through the winery, Julia has a passion for French culture. Thus, she is now fluent in French. She’s immersed herself in the culture, and now teaches French. In addition, she works for the international sales section of the company, and enjoys every minute of it.

Wine Expertise

Jackson Family Wines produces various kinds of wine, and they have wineries in North America, South America, France, Italy, South Africa and Australia. Some wines include pinot noir, chardonnay and merlot. For a complete collection of the vcat amounts of wines they offer, visit their family website!

Not surprisingly, Julia Jackson has a wealth of information on wine. She believes that the Cabernet varietal is the best in Sonoma, which shows her prowess. A Master Sommelier, Julia prides herself on making sure each brand is enjoyable for those who are used to the wine from their home countries.

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José Henrique Borghi: A Name You Can Trust With Your Advertising Needs

It’s a universal fact that an efficient advertising agency must know what creativity and innovation are and how they can assist a company to improve its business and other things. However, this is where marketing and advertising companies forgot the most important sectors of a marketing campaign. And that is proper planning, use of appropriate strategy and the company that one should opt for the assistance in another part of the marketing campaign to provide world class services for advertising their products or services to not just limited/targeted market but to the whole market.

That’s where José Henrique Borghi steps in and concentrates on advertising and marketing campaigns so that his client can get world class publicity for their services and products to earn some potentials customers and to raise their business to a level that never touched by them. And that became the primary reason behind the fame of José in whole Brazil. Jose started assisting local of Brazil with the help of his world class marketing agency Mullen Lowe Brasil that help its customer to cover more radiuses and reached out to places where no other advertising agency has done before.

José Henrique Borghi has earned many awards from many prestigious institutes who believe that Borghi can make the difference to a product with his marketing and advertising skills. And the most notable award that Borghi hold and that became a turning point for Borghi to be a guru of advertising and marketing firm is “Advertise of the Year.” At his starting time, even though he was out of moves and finance, but that was his dedication and devotion which holds him to keep working and not to stop. And he did that, and now Brazil saw that once an ordinary citizen, now the most notable marketing and advertising guru in whole Brazil.

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José Borghi Fashioned A Truly Famous Marketing Company

The country of Brazil is known as the home of a globally famous Brazilian publicity expert who operates under the name Jose Borghi.

He is documented worldwide for his role in the promotional advertising society, with his production called “Mammals Parmalat.” The advertisement was created with an array of kids who changed greatly admired Brazilian jingles and dancing on a stage as they wore the outfits of stuffed animals. The advertisement grew to be so widely trendy that it delivered to Jose a great deal of awareness and admiration all over his country. Visit https://joseborghi.com

He labored for his academic selection at PUC-Campinas, they are a famous and justly cherished college for the arts. Jose earned his degree in Advertising, this deeply assisted him with advancing ahead with his vacation. While he was still a boy and prior to attending high school, Jose had a problem with the idea of what to go into for a career once he ultimately graduated high school. A career was a very complicated conclusion for Jose, pending the day when Jose’s sister went with him to a cinema that was showcasing greatly celebrated commercials. Click Here For more.

The cinema displayed videos that were advertisements, which had each won awards from the renowned Cannes Film Festival. Those advertisements were wonderfully creative and very touching to everyone who viewed them, even him. Following the videos were completion, Jose had determined for himself the vocation selection that would most promote his genius.

When he became grown, Jose departed college to labor at Standart Ogilvy, where he achieved sufficient achievement to establish his own company with his buddy. They created BorghiErh, to continue and increase positive focus throughout Brazil. Then, Lowe & the Mullen Group purchased BorghiErh and updated the brand to Mullen Lowe, continuing to be a famous firm.