How Having a Great CEO Made Securus the Best Company it Could Be

Rick Smith knows that being a CEO is a big job. He has always wanted to make sure he is the best CEO he can be so that he is able to actually help the business grow. While Securus is part of the prison industry, that doesn’t mean they have to struggle when the industry does. Instead, Rick Smith has made sure he can provide people with the most positive options possible for their prison needs. He works with some of the top prison administrators in the country and that’s what has allowed him to become the best CEO of Securus he can be. While Rick Smith is doing what he can to help people run the prisons effectively, he knows there are new ways he can do different things to help out. He has always done this and that’s part of what has made him the right man for the job. Follow Rick at

Innovative solutions will help Securus cater to even more prisons. Rick Smith knew this and came up with many new solutions to provide different things to the administrators at the prisons he works with. There have been different opportunities people can get from these things, but most of these opportunities have led to Rick Smith coming up with new ideas and solutions to problems the prison may be having. He just wants them to run smoothly and wants to make sure the administrators are going to get the best experiences possible.

Even when Rick Smith is doing things with the prisons, he feels there are different things he can do better. He has always wanted to make sure there are ways for people to try different things and that’s what has helped him become better at his job. For Rick Smith Securus the biggest part of the business is giving the community the feelings of safety and security knowing their prison is being run in the best way possible. A prison that is run the right way will always be safer for every member of the community who is involved with different things. Read more on

Rick Smith likes to always give solutions. The kiosks were one of the first solutions he created as the CEO. The kiosks are now in many prisons and are providing guards with a reprieve from the issues they had in the past. Now, they don’t have to spend their time working on basic tasks and things that could be harder for people to experience while they are doing their best with the business. Rick Smith knew this and knew the kiosks would be the best option people could get out of the opportunities they have created from within the prison and with the different experiences they have.

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