Troy Mcquagge, the winner of One Planet Golden Awards

You must be quite familiar with the name of One Planet Business. Some people like to call it the Professional Excellence Awards. These two are the most well-known and respected award systems in the world. They have been identifying, highlighting and rewarding innovative leaders from all around the world.

Troy Mcquagge was awarded the One Planet Golden Award in 2016. He is CEO and current director of USHEALTH Group. USHEALTH Group is considered to be a very promising and famous health researching firms in the USA. They have more than fifty years of experience in health insurance sector. They have helped millions of families and individual clients as well in finding the right kind of health insurance plans for their families.

He is alumni of University of Central Florida. He is a very successful entrepreneur as he is quite skilled in his work and has a very bright future ahead. He is also linked to an organization named “Helping Other People Every Day.” This organization along with the team of USHEALTH Group has been applauded for their tremendous efforts to help the people by showing them sincere dedication and the credit goes to Troy Mcquagge.

Troy’s company also provides insurance services with affordability and reliability. He has also several awards in his lustrous career. All because of his capability of skyrocketing the company and taking it to higher levels of success by working within a few years in the company.

He felt honored after receiving the award since, for him, it was a great  achievement earning an award alongside many great humanitarians who have saved their spots in the Professional Excellence list. Check more information on

Infinite Computer Solutions Frim is among other highly notable companies who have earned the One Planet Business Awards. This company has won the “company of the year” awards in 2016. Another name which was able to make it in the 2016 golden awards list is Roberta Leach. She is the current CEO of a company named, RevenueWire Company. This award has also been given to many other notable figures.




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