Bruno Fagali: An Expert Counsel Who Leads Corporate Integrity in the Brazilian Corporate World

Bruno Fagali is a corporate integrity expert and expert counsel based in Brazil. Bruno Fagali is also known for his greatest contributions to a cleaner issuance of Brazilian government contracts. This is because he has always assisted companies and firms to ensure they adhere to the rule of law whenever they are conducting business in the country. When it comes to the rule of law, Brazil is one of the harshest countries. Bruno Fagali has always strived to drive transparency and integrity campaigns behind the scandals and dubious contracts in the country. This is the reason why his legal services are sought on a massive scale.

Bruno Fagali is a Partner and Founder at the Fagali Advocacy Law Company based in Brazil. Bruno Fagali is also the corporate Integrity Manager at the United States-based Nova/SB Company. The Nova is one of the leading advertising agency in the country. The company decided to hire Bruno Fagali as their corporate integrity manager to assist them to adhere to the Brazilian laws. This is because Bruno Fagali has a name of working towards excellence in matters concerning the Brazilian law. Bruno Fagali has more than two decades of experience solving all the legal problems his clients face in the industry. Bruno Fagali also understands what is needed to ensure you are in line with the Brazilian law as an individual or company.

Bruno Fagali’s expert schedule is under the ethics, regulatory law, compliance law, administrative law, and the urban law. Bruno Fagali also understands that it is important for companies such as Nova/SB to remain in compliance with the Brazilian law. This means that he must work harder to drive integrity within the world of advertisement. As a leader in the advertisement industry, the Nova/SB has gained numerous public operational and business contracts that emanate from the government. Due to the public anger that works with such contracts, the company must strive to remain under the rule of law before the public wages war against them. As a pioneer in the world of advertisement, the company sought to secure Bruno Fagali’s services as a corporate integrity manager for better business solutions.

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