Gregory Aziz: Taking a Chance on National Steel Car

It could be said that a great man is born every day. Future leaders are playing with their blocks and great healers are babbling in their mother’s arms. On April 30th of 1949, Gregory James Aziz made his way into the world. While some called him James Aziz and others called him James Aziz, the small baby was set for his own kind of greatness. He would prove to people everywhere that goals matter and sometimes, giving up on this is not an option.


In London, Ontario Gregory Aziz started his life. He aged like any other child, going through every milestone one could imagine. Eventually, Aziz was educated at Ridley College. While there, his family started a grocery supply company called Affiliated Foods. This would be a very influential part of his early career. He went on to finish his education at the University of Western Ontario, where he received a degree in Economics.

Immediately after graduating, Aziz started in a position with Affiliated Foods in 1971. He watched the company become the amazing enterprise that it is today. Through the work of Aziz and his family, the company dominated the grocery supply market. They became the first company to start importing fresh goods from Europe, Central America, and South America. Demand increased, and the company began to flourish. Go To This Page for more information.

In 1987, Aziz left the company to go out on his own. He started working in New York as in investment banker for several years. While this time was lucrative for Aziz, it did not fit his plans exactly. He started spectating property and purchased National Steel Car. National Steel Car was a railcar engineering and manufacturing company located in Hamilton, Ontario. The company was rumored to be on a downslope, but Aziz pushed forward with the sale.


Immediately, Aziz started to make changes. He increased the number of employees from 600 to over 3,000 and the annual production from 3,500 to over 12,000 cars. This was an incredible achievement with far-reaching implications. National Steel Car became a leading manufacturer in the world. They possess both the TTX SECO high-quality award and the ISO 900I: 2008 certification. Both honors have been held for many years and reflect the true amount of quality that Aziz fosters throughout the culture of National Steel Car. At the end of his life, Aziz will have left a great legacy because he took a chance on a company that grew into greatness.

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