EOS New Vegan lip balm review

My absolute favorite lip balm has come out with something new. EOS lip balm has been my favorite shortly after I first discovered them several years back. Love, love, love them. The only problem I have is they have introduced so many new flavors and variations over the years I can’t decide which one I like the best.

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Some of the things that first drew me to these lip balms were the ingredients. Natural, real, ingredients. Then after trying my first one, it was the way they made my lips feel. There is also a line that is organic, which I think is so important today. All of us really should pay more attention to what we put on our skin.

Well back to the something new. Vegan, yes, vegan lip balm from the lip balm company I have been using for years. It appears I’m not the only one excited about it since they sold out on their website the day it was introduced. With enticing flavors like Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid in the new Vegan Crystal line I have to give it a try, click here. I love the fact that they are wax-free, have jojoba oil and antioxidant rich Vitamin E for the softest lips.

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EOS has always focused on creating a better balm by using organic ingredients, having wonderful scents and flavors, and putting it in a funny looking little orb that really is comfortable to hold and apply.

Thank you EOS for doing it again!

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