Rick Smith Is The Perfect Leader For Securus Technologies And Is Driving The Company Into The Future

In July of 2008, Securus Technologies made a big decision regarding their Chief Executive Officer, and appointed Rick Smith to the position. There can be no doubt the company made the right decision. Rick Smith has used his drive, savvy, experience, and focus to lead the company forward, and become a major leader in the world of inmate services. He is the right man for numerous reasons including his strong skills as a leader, his experience working in telecommunications, technology, finances, and business, but perhaps most because of his amazing track record.

Securus Technologies provides many services, and options to the inmate, corrections, public safety, and law enforcement communities. Rick Smith guides the company, enhances their commitment to excellence, and believes technology can bring their services to an entirely new level. He is well educated, and received his degrees in New York. Between the years of 1972, and 1998, he used his expertise, and natural instincts to guide companies including Global Crossing North America, and Midwest Telephone Operations. His service included the positions of Chief Information Officer, controller, Vice President, Director of Business Development, and Plant Operations Director.

As his experience continued to grow, Rick Smith eventually went to work for Eschelon Telecom Inc. He began as the Chief Financial Officer in 1998, the served as the President of the company, and finally received a promotion as Chief Executive Officer. He remained with the business from 1998, until 2007. He dramatically increased to revenue of the business, and when he left began working for Securus Technologies.

Many individuals believe Rick Smith was exactly what Securus Technologies needed, and there can be no doubt the company has prospered with him in the position of CEO. Global Tel Link was their fiercest competitor when Rick Smith assumed his position, although the products, and services Securus Technologies offers is much more extensive than that of their competitors. Securus Technologies additionally started their own call center, provided their own staffing, and the center outperforms their competition by 600 percent. With Rick Smith leading the way, Securus Technologies provided necessary training for their own field technicians, and were responsible for creating the biggest calling platform throughout the world. The platform is referred to as VOIP Corrections, and has helped Securus Technologies take an even larger lead in their field. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the business made a $600 million investment regarding technologies, patents, and acquisitions between the years of 2013, and 2016.


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