Matt Badiali Experiences as a Geologist

     Matt Badiali is a skillful geologist who is proficient in energy, agricultural industries and also in mining. He desires to make useful investments in natural resources by owning oils, working on drill rigs, and researching on neglected mines. Through his research, Matt has traveled to many places in the world. For example, he has flown to Hong Kong, Papua New Guine, Singapore and deserts in Mexico. Matt Badiali has also met various essential people in the field. He has reached CEOs of mining companies, metals experts, and even resource investor. Matt Badiali has ever been a lecturer at Duke University and the University of North Caroline where he taught Geology. In geologic conferences and companies such Anadarko, he has frequently presented his research outcomes about geology. For eleven years, Matt Bidiali has been researching and writing about significant investments in natural resource. It was out of his zeal of hunting gainful and rare investment chances for his readers. Matt believes that someone does not know what is happening until he sees it happening. That is why he ensures that his investments are always safe by being involved in all their activities.

From his skills and experience as a geologist, he can identify various red flags that are found on the ground. For instance, he always examines the skills and expertise of a drilling crew and the period that they can take to drill a hole. He also checks how well do the process run. This is because he knows very well that the drilling process is always the expensive part for small companies. To understand how well the operations are running, he still checks the reactions and behavior of the drillers. This because he believes that by watching them (drillers) you can measure the potency of a company and their health status.

Currently, Matt is advising other businesspeople to buy gold before its price shoots up. Since 1999, the cost of gold has never gown down, and the price is not likely to down shortly. He believes that at the moment we are in the early stage of a bull market which can result in 500% price increase of gold. Hence people should take advantage of the situation. He highlights some the factors that may lead to its increasing. For example, he says that the war in North Korea and the fear that the United States may be weakened while Russia may take dominance. For instance, the bank of Russia has continually bought gold at a very high rate.

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