Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira has been the choice of many people seeking legal help in Brazil. He has been rated as one of the greatest lawyers in Brazil and has continued to retain this reputation with his hard work and brilliance. He has experience In a variety of field for example Banking Contracts, Civil and Commercial Law, Judicial Recovery, Business Restructuring, Acquisition Review, Recovery of Credits, Electoral Administrative just to mention a few. Ricardo Tosto has continuously represented his clients in all these fields and succeeded in most of them.

Apart from representing his usual single clients, Ricardo Tosto has also been an advocate for corporations and organizations which are government based and non-governmental. He ensures that all his clients are satisfied with his services in whichever area he helps them in and he strives to win every case that he takes. He has been reputed as a cleaver and disciplined lawyer who works within the parameters of his profession however hard his clients may push him to overlook the lines.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira attained his master’s degree at the Makenzie Presbyterian University and became a full certified lawyer after finishing law school, in addition, he added a Business Administration degree which has helped him to run his business efficiently. After school Tosto worked for a few law firms and while there he did some amazing work that caught the eye of other prominent firms who expressed a desire to employ him. Ricardo’s years of hard work finally paid off, his previous connections with prominent clients had gained him enough contacts who would help him to start his own law firm.

In nineteen ninety-one Tosto and his friends joined together to open their company in Brazil and named Liete, Tosto, and Barros Advogados Associados. The firm has grown and is presently renowned as the most respected law agency in the country. Ricardo and his fellow partners have taken upon themselves to pass on their knowledge to the trainees to come to work for them at the firm. Clients, as well as work colleagues, have credited their success to the hard work and diligence of Ricardo Tosto with one on the clients rating him at the top of the list in his profession.


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