Ted Bauman: The Sovereign Investor

     Substantial amounts of wealth is what drives society. This goes for each and every standard of living as well as for conducting business. If you don’t protect your wealth, you will certainly lose it. Just about every week, there is some form of financial corruption being exposed. Sometimes it just feels like everyone is out for themselves, despite hurting others. Ted Bauman of Atlanta, Georgia, is aware of these tragic situations, and he does what he can to enlighten the minds of people across the globe. Bauman goes by many different titles, but it’s safe to say that he specializes in asset protection, low-risk investment strategies and privacy. He’s a very successful individual with a solid reputation of integrity. Just take one look at his remarkable background and you’ll see why he is one of the most respected men in the finance industry.

Bauman has spent at least 25 years working abroad. He was actually born here in the U.S. After emigrating to South Africa, he would set up shop after graduating from college. Bauman attended the University of Cape Town where he earned two postgraduate degrees. This would be for economics and history. He has certainly used his economics educational background to the fullest by helping millions of people in a number of ways. In a way, you can say that he’s a financial mentor because he gives such great financial advice. He was also the co-founder of the successful Slum Dwellers Internationals. When it comes to low-cost housing, this guy has helped people all across the pond and in 35 different countries. It would be hard to find another individual with this much clout and with this much heart. He’s basically a businessman with a heart of gold.

Bauman strongly believes that people should protect their investments at all times. There are just too many Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes out there. He states that people should store their gold in Switzerland, or that people should find more affordable healthcare in other countries. With so much corporate greed going around, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound a cure.

EOS Lip Balm Offers Smooth Lips Through Paraben -Free Ingredients

When it comes to beauty products people seem to be very keen. It is assumed that lip care is a thing for women but statistics prove the contrary for it has been established that both men and women are conscious about the products they use on their lips. The founders of EOS lip balm Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller created a versatile product that took the beauty industry by storm.


Variety of EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balms vary in flavor and are available as per the customers’ preference. The taste appearance and flavor are some of the key qualities the company puts into consideration as a step to satisfy the buyers. The spherical little lip balms that have overtaken all other lip products in the market come in different flavors like strawberry, sweet mint, vanilla bean and lemon drop just to mention a few. Go to makeupalley.com and check these amazing flavors.


Benefits of EOS lip balm products

EOS lip balm products are natural and do not contain petrolatum or paraben. The famous vegan flavored lip balm has got the most attention for it is wax free. It is a guarantee for hydration of lips and enhancing consumers’ natural beauty. There has been no negative feedback even with the huge social media following on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.


Marketing and advertisement

EOS has taken great measures in promoting its products, see thedermreview.com. Expert merchandisers have been employed to market the products making them to rise within a short period. This is also done by branding online and offline. Various celebrities have featured the product on their work showing approval to their fans. Others like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato being ambassadors.



It takes strategy and dedication to make a project excel. EOS has become the best within just 7yrs. EOS is set to expand over time. It is projected that the lip balm brand will have more flavors in future.

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Leading EOS Lip Balm Review

EOS Lip Balm has made a fantastic name for them. Everyone knows their product by the smooth and light colored little pods that are packaged in local stores. It’s the ones that when you’re checking out you see the display at the register and you just have to get some. Even if you have 5 of them at home, you still purchase another one.

EOS Lip Balm has many attributes to brag about. EOS Lip Balm is now vegan free, creative design for carrying purposes, and presentable packaging. Yes, packaging makes a difference in sales.

The new impact of vegan free lip balm has been spectacular, see makeupalley.com. Sales have soared through the roof and the demand for the newest lip balm has been greater than any other lip balm in its industry. The release of the vegan lip balm not longer has beeswax in it. This gives it the vegan touch that the company has been shooting for all along.

The design of the lip balm has been creative yet easy to carry. It is shaped into a little pod that is easily accessible to the user. The twist top allows for securing the lip balm unlike other product lids falling off. It is small and lightly colored with smooth lines to ensure a creative design for users around the world, more beauty hacks here.

The packaging is even cute. Yes, this does make a difference in the sales world. For instance: if the packaging was bulky or unappealing to the eye, the customer would likely choose a more presentable package. It is the marketing world and how it operates. Most remarkable story here on blogwebpedia.com.

EOS Lip Balm is a growing company that in the short years has surpassed the leading lip balm industry with their new finding of vegan products, friendly product design and appealing packaging to consumers around the world. They are on the right start and will continue to grow as the leading product in their industry.

Discover more amazing beauty tactics here on http://www.usmagazine.com/stylish/news/eos-updated-its-classic-lip-balm-photos-w496434.


Daniel Mark Harrison Is A Juggler Of Multiple Trades

Daniel Mark Harrison is an established entrepreneur who hails from America. He is the founder of Daniel Mark Harrison, a company that deals in offering offices and multiple services to companies across Hong Kong and Singapore. Aside from that, Daniel has been trending on news headlines because of his contribution at Monkey Capital. Monkey Capital is a hedge fund that deals in blockchain systems in addition to SpaceX and supply contracts.

Monkey Capital

Monkey Capital has lately been trending on news headlines thanks to Daniel Mark Harrison. The man has an upper hand in leading the firm to greatness. He has established strong entrepreneurial networks to empower the supply chain of trading. Daniel exudes impeccable leadership skills. He has been leading various p in pitching numerous, constructive projects. As a leader, Daniel Mark Harrison uses empowering skills in team leadership. He believes that an organization can yield better results with the use of appropriate channels.

Team leader

Aside from being a team leader and manager, Mark Harrison is an author. The writer has published numerous works in regards to business and leadership. Mark Harrison is especially applauded for Butterfly, a book that he has used to describe the multiple attitudes of entrepreneurs and the efforts that can be utilized to arrive at success. Mark Harrison has resided in multiple parts of the world. From Europe to America and Scandinavia, he cuts across as a person who has collected numerous skills from different geographical areas.


In 2005, Harrison enrolled for a master’s degree at New York University. He was dedicated and passionate about achieving dreams. Being visionary, he focused on journalism as the beginning of his career achievements. That is how he earned recognition as an author and a journalist. Forbes has always applauded his roles as an author. Mark Harrison has used his entrepreneurial skills to enlighten millennials. He is inclined on helping these teams to become better at what they do. On many accounts, he has been branded as a determined journalist and author in addition to an entrepreneur. Mark Harrison is set for greatness. He has impending projects to work on.https://www.coinspeaker.com/author/daniel-harrison/


Luiz Carlos Trabuco will become chairman of the board of Bradesco

After a career spanning more than 7 decades, one of the oldest active bankers in the world will be retiring in the next couple weeks. Lazaro Brandao has been with Bradesco, one of the largest banks in Brazil, since the age of just 16. He joined the firm in 1943, the year that it was founded, as a bank teller and worked his way up through the ranks, eventually becoming CEO in 1981.http://www.tostoadv.com/bradesco-quer-mudar-regra-para-trabuco-ficar-no-cargo/

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, one of the few people who has worked at Bradesco nearly as long as Brandao, has been slated to take over as the chairman of the board of directors. Trabuco has the full support of Brandao, who says that his retirement was solely his decision and was done for the continuity of the company.

Trabuco has overseen a tumultuous decade as CEO of the firm, having overseen a tremendous decline in the company’s stock price and fortunes but also having redeemed himself in the eyes of shareholders with the 2015 acquisition of HSBC Brazil. Between the time that Trabuco took over the firm and the middle of 2015, the bank’s stock price plummeted by nearly 80 percent. Trabuco, an inveterate banker who is widely respected among his peers, was on the verge of losing his job.

But then, in late 2015, he announced that Bradesco would acquire HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion in an all-cash deal. The news immediately sent the stock price soaring. The stock never stopped going up and is now trading at more than 2.5 times its 2015 lows.

Brandao himself has said that he is fully confident that Trabuco possesses all of the necessary traits to make a good chairman of the board. The announcement of Trabuco as the successor of the long-time chairman Brandao did not come as a surprise to many. They had long known that Brandao would retire, and Trabuco had already been granted various extensions of his tenure in order to see the integration of all of HSBC Brazil’s systems and businesses into the larger corporate structure of Bradesco. In fact, Bradesco’s own governance laws state that no one may serve as CEO past the age of 65. However, Brandao personally granted Trabuco multiple waivers in order for the CEO to continue his work on the HSBC acquisition deal and see it through to a successful resolution.

What comes next?

Trabuco himself will be responsible for appointing his successor, as is required by the corporate bylaws. Although Trabuco himself has been coy about who he will choose to replace him, he has assured the press that the new CEO will be chosen from within the ranks of the company, a tradition long adhered to by the company’s upper management.

Although there are at least seven potential names of people who are in a qualified position to take over the helm of Brazil’s largest bank, the name of Mauricio Minas seems to be the one at the forefront. Minas is a 58-year-old IT executive who has been responsible for overseeing the integration of all of HSBC Brazil’s technology systems with those of Bradesco. He was also largely responsible for the development and spinoff of the online banking platform Next, which started as an in house project for Bradesco but is now morphing into a major player in the Brazilian banking space in its own right.

At least six other candidates are fully qualified for the position, but those closest to the inner workings of the company say that Trabuco focuses far less on seniority and much more on talent and proven track records. This would make Minas the strong favorite.


Matt Badiali Experiences as a Geologist

     Matt Badiali is a skillful geologist who is proficient in energy, agricultural industries and also in mining. He desires to make useful investments in natural resources by owning oils, working on drill rigs, and researching on neglected mines. Through his research, Matt has traveled to many places in the world. For example, he has flown to Hong Kong, Papua New Guine, Singapore and deserts in Mexico. Matt Badiali has also met various essential people in the field. He has reached CEOs of mining companies, metals experts, and even resource investor. Matt Badiali has ever been a lecturer at Duke University and the University of North Caroline where he taught Geology. In geologic conferences and companies such Anadarko, he has frequently presented his research outcomes about geology. For eleven years, Matt Bidiali has been researching and writing about significant investments in natural resource. It was out of his zeal of hunting gainful and rare investment chances for his readers. Matt believes that someone does not know what is happening until he sees it happening. That is why he ensures that his investments are always safe by being involved in all their activities.

From his skills and experience as a geologist, he can identify various red flags that are found on the ground. For instance, he always examines the skills and expertise of a drilling crew and the period that they can take to drill a hole. He also checks how well do the process run. This is because he knows very well that the drilling process is always the expensive part for small companies. To understand how well the operations are running, he still checks the reactions and behavior of the drillers. This because he believes that by watching them (drillers) you can measure the potency of a company and their health status.

Currently, Matt is advising other businesspeople to buy gold before its price shoots up. Since 1999, the cost of gold has never gown down, and the price is not likely to down shortly. He believes that at the moment we are in the early stage of a bull market which can result in 500% price increase of gold. Hence people should take advantage of the situation. He highlights some the factors that may lead to its increasing. For example, he says that the war in North Korea and the fear that the United States may be weakened while Russia may take dominance. For instance, the bank of Russia has continually bought gold at a very high rate.

Rick Smith Is The Perfect Leader For Securus Technologies And Is Driving The Company Into The Future

In July of 2008, Securus Technologies made a big decision regarding their Chief Executive Officer, and appointed Rick Smith to the position. There can be no doubt the company made the right decision. Rick Smith has used his drive, savvy, experience, and focus to lead the company forward, and become a major leader in the world of inmate services. He is the right man for numerous reasons including his strong skills as a leader, his experience working in telecommunications, technology, finances, and business, but perhaps most because of his amazing track record.

Securus Technologies provides many services, and options to the inmate, corrections, public safety, and law enforcement communities. Rick Smith guides the company, enhances their commitment to excellence, and believes technology can bring their services to an entirely new level. He is well educated, and received his degrees in New York. Between the years of 1972, and 1998, he used his expertise, and natural instincts to guide companies including Global Crossing North America, and Midwest Telephone Operations. His service included the positions of Chief Information Officer, controller, Vice President, Director of Business Development, and Plant Operations Director.

As his experience continued to grow, Rick Smith eventually went to work for Eschelon Telecom Inc. He began as the Chief Financial Officer in 1998, the served as the President of the company, and finally received a promotion as Chief Executive Officer. He remained with the business from 1998, until 2007. He dramatically increased to revenue of the business, and when he left began working for Securus Technologies.

Many individuals believe Rick Smith was exactly what Securus Technologies needed, and there can be no doubt the company has prospered with him in the position of CEO. Global Tel Link was their fiercest competitor when Rick Smith assumed his position, although the products, and services Securus Technologies offers is much more extensive than that of their competitors. Securus Technologies additionally started their own call center, provided their own staffing, and the center outperforms their competition by 600 percent. With Rick Smith leading the way, Securus Technologies provided necessary training for their own field technicians, and were responsible for creating the biggest calling platform throughout the world. The platform is referred to as VOIP Corrections, and has helped Securus Technologies take an even larger lead in their field. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the business made a $600 million investment regarding technologies, patents, and acquisitions between the years of 2013, and 2016.


The Blueberry Acai EOS Lip Balm

What do you do when you finally find your lip balm tube with the cap off and unknown particles stuck to it. You refuse to use it and you’re likely to throw it away. But, the smart thing to consider is buying a lip balm that’s not packaged that way. Consider EOS. That’s the main reason I tried EOS, the secure packaging. After countless uncapped tubes of lip balm, I used my brain. Initially, I avoided EOS because it seemed like a fad and I abhor fads, plus I generally don’t buy flavored things and I like to keep the smelly things on my body to a limit.

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Still, I finally decided to see what all the hoopla was about. After buying my first orb, I will never go back to the tube again. I love the fact that when I’m not using the balm, the cap is screwed on and will not fall off no matter where I store it. I can throw it in the glove compartment of my car. It can sit on the bottom of my over stuffed purse. It can sit in my coat pocket with all that lint I usually find there when I turn the pockets inside out, see dm.de. No matter where I put it, it’s ready for use when I unscrew the cap.

Yes, and I fell in love with the flavors too. I buy fresh blueberries in season and when I discovered I could taste them on my soft supple lips, I celebrated by buying an orb of blueberry acai, purchase here. It smells wonderful, like walking through a patch of blueberries in season, but not overpowering. The taste is pleasant, not overwhelming like I feared.

Yet, my favorite feature of the blueberry acai EOS lip balm is how it makes my lips feel. The coconut oil, Shea butter, sesame seed oil and olive oil extracts all provide some kind of health benefit to my lips, plus they’re super soft and smooth.

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Paul Mampilly Offers Expert Investment

     Paul Mampilly is a United States-based successful investor with more than three decades of professional experience in this industry. Paul Mampilly has always strived to become part of the solution to every investment needs his clients intend to solve. For this reason, his reputation as a good investor has overthrown a wide range of independence capabilities in the world of business and investment in the United States. For the few who have adopted his skills in business and management, they have lived to grow in better performance schedules than before. Perhaps this is the reason why he is one of the most sought investment partners in the business world.

Paul Mampilly amounts his success to the better business program he associates with. For all his decades of professional experience, Paul Mampilly has always developed a magnificent professional entity that accelerates working solutions for a better management capability in this industry. Paul Mampilly has the capability to predict the leaders in every stock market even before it is born. For this reason, he has achieved a great amount of success for those seeking working solutions before they end up in bad hands. His success is attributed to the endless hours he spends monitoring currencies before he embarks on selecting one that he predicts to win the case in the industry.

Paul Mampilly is one of the few individuals based in the United States who have managed numerous multi-million accounts as a hedge fund manager. During that time, Paul Mampilly worked hard to assimilate his business resolution capabilities to develop better business management solutions for a serious entity in this business. For those who are seeking better business solutions, they should consider the recommendations Paul Mampilly lays down in management strategic positions. This is one of the few actions he has stipulated in the industry to denote his leadership skills for better business management.

According to Paul Mampilly, he has foreseen a great opportunity lying ahead for the companies that deal in food products and health services in the United States. This is because the millennials are seeking better solutions that have been seen in provision with the industry.

Please see https://technewsspy.com/2017/08/23/paul-mampilly-investment-advice-electric-vehicles-food-delivery-precision-medicine/ for more.

What Is Beneful Dog Food?

Beneful dog food is a nutritious brand of food which includes wet food, dry food, and treats. This dog food was rated the fourth most popular dog food. Beneful has an annual revenue of over $1.5 billion. Beneful dog food is full of natural ingredients to keep your pets healthy. But in creating this product they not only focused on the healthy part, but the tasty part too. Beneful has several different flavors of dog food to fit any dogs desire. Beneful also has wet food made with gravy, that can be mixed with dog food to give it more flavor. Beneful is overall a great choice of food for any dog.

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