SahmAdrangi Places $100 Million Bet on Another Company

Kerrisdale Hedge Fund has been known to place bets against companies and going ahead to make their case public. This does not seem to come to an end since according to Reuters, Kerrisdale Capital Management which is managed and run by SahmAdrangi has raised over $100 million from different investors to bet it against a single stock, something that the company on its behalf has not denied.

This type of investment is one of its kind, something that is expected from an investor who has had an enormous career in the investment platform. According to Adrangi, the company has raised a substantial amount of money in a short period a fact that shows that the community and the investors around them clearly believe in their call. Adrangi will be working hand in hand with the current Kerrisdale analyst Mr. Shane Wilson whose primary role in this investment will be to create a report, a video and a website as a way of convincing other people to join the worthy venture.

Though the target company remains to be a mystery, it believed that Kerrisdale has begun to buy new stocks which will be used to position it in the unnamed company. However, these are just rumors that have not been confirmed by the team players. The Kerrisdale hedge fund currently manages over $500 million in funds including the $100 million raised on this recent venture. As an investment and betting company, Kerrisdale has been in a position to record an annual return of 28% within the last five years.


SahmAdrangi is the founder and current Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Kerrisdale is a company that focuses on the value and other unique investments situations that affect a company or business. For more than eight years, Sahm has been at the forefront in promoting business investment and helping other people grow their businesses.

SahmAdrangi began his career at Deutsche Bank where he worked in the leveraged finance investment section. Apart from this, he also used to work for the Longacre Management, a company that had accumulated billions of dollars in debt. Educational wise, Mr. Sahm holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Yale University.


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