Gregory Aziz Taking National Steel Car Business to another Level

Gregory James Aziz is the chairman, chief executive officer and president of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Ontario. It is one of the world’s top manufacturing railroad and freight car engineering companies. The company has more than 100 years in the manufacturing and engineering industry. It is focused on providing quality products to clients.


National Steel Car is the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America. It was founded in 1912 originally under the name Imperial Steel Car. Since then the company has been manufacturing freight cars that meet the evolving needs and standard of clients and that of the railroad industry. Gregory J Aziz is passionate about growing the industry and aims at providing long term solutions to the problems faced by the freight car industry.


Ever since Greg Aziz started working at National Steel Car, the company has experienced significant improvements. National Steel Car manufactures a vast array of products such as coil car, boxcar, hopper car, intermodal car, tank car, flat car and gondola car. Before 1995, the company’s primary target was Canada, but in the late 1990s, they diverted their concentration in other areas like North America. Other than manufacturing cars, National Steel Cars provides different social works with an objective of giving back to the society. Read This Article.


Greg James Aziz was born in April 1949 I Ontario. He first attended Ridley College. Later, Aziz joined the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a degree in economics. He has worked with different banks and successful companies. In 1994, he was one of the great minds behind the purchase of National Steel Car from Dofasco. From its purchase, Mr. Greg Aziz ensured that the annual manufacturing of cars grew from 3000 to 12000.


Many residents got employment opportunities as more employees were needed which increased from 600 to 3000 employees in five years. He strengthened the company’s core values such as high engineering competencies, rapport building and capital and human investments to achieve their success. He has also made its leadership stronger. Under Greg’s leadership, the company has been the leading manufacturer among its competitors for several years.


National Steel Car has won various honors such as TTX SECO and ISO 90001:2008 awards among others. Greg is a high performer and a genuinely purposeful individual. With his knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing industry, National Steel Car has benefited towards its success.


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