The EOS Crystal: An Earth-Friendly Beauty Product That Really Works

EOS (evolution of smooth) is launching a new line of lip balms this August and those with dry lips as well as animal lovers everywhere are rejoicing.

The new EOS Crystal balms come in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid flavors. The slightly less rounded pods are comfortable to hold and easily fit in any bag or space. EOS Crystals can be purchased for $4.99 in stores or on the popular brand’s website. Cool review here.

EOS Crystals are definitely worth the price! These balms pack five natural oils in the formula that are sure to nourish and heal even the most severe chapped lips. Best of all, EOS Crystals can do all of this without any type of wax, making them a vegan beauty product. (They got the “crystal” name based on the balms’ clear appearance rather than the off-white of the classic balms from the wax.) Fantastic review here on

EOS has always been known to deliver high quality, natural products, but these balms take these values to a new level since they look out for the well-being of Earth’s bees. Go over to to read more about the product. These new lip balms prove that it is definitely possible to combine cute packaging, environmental consciousness, great flavors and effectiveness into one great product. The EOS Crystal is sure to have a bright future.

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Gregory Aziz of National Steel Car Leads the Business to Success

Gregory James Aziz is a leader and entrepreneur. He presently holds an executive position at National Steel Car. As the chairman and president of the company, Gregory J Aziz oversees critical decision making. With vast experience in engineering, Aziz is a capable leader who has ensured that the company operates to please clients. More about Aziz.




Having over 100 years’ experience in service delivery, the company is inclined to deliver excellent services in manufacturing and engineering. The company operates based on high quality service delivery featuring commitment and excellence. Over the past years, the company has built its stellar reputation by providing the best services. Since 1912 when it was established, North America has benefited from top notch products. The firm has been a leading manufacturer for freight cars that not only meet client needs but also exceed their expectations. By producing products that satisfy client’s expectations beyond their demands, it is evident that the manufacturing firm is chaired by one of the leading brains across the world.




For the company, the cornerstone for operations lies with the people. The people in this case refer to the team that offers services. Behind the team is the leadership of Greg James Aziz who works tirelessly to ensure that services are delivered at the right time and of the right quality. For Aziz, team work is paramount because the company is a valued asset. Not only has Aziz ensured that the firm issues high quality products but also timely and evolving supply to the ever growing and transforming population. The management skills of James Aziz have massively contributed to the company’ growth with him incorporating the team’s collective input. In North America, the company has expanded its operations into new territories thanks to his efforts. Constantly, Aziz has focused on the strengths and efficiencies of the firm. Through the two pillars has the company managed to overcome the challenges that come with pleasing clients.


Personal Profile


Aziz was born in London. He attended the Ridley College and advanced his studies at Western Ontario University. Aziz was a dedicated student in economics. After college, he joined his family business as a wholesale retailer for Affiliated Foods. For 16 years, the company expanded its operations thanks to the leadership of Aziz. Aziz later worked on several banking investment opportunities. Presently, he is a recognized leader who serves as a mentor and investment advisor aside from chairing the manufacturing firm. Aziz is equipped with top notch leadership skills.

Promoting Success in Media with Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

     More than 30 million people in Mexico have access to radio receivers, and at least 25 million people own television sets. Although this is only about 25 percent of the population, it is still a rich market for media companies. Major media houses will provide not only radio and television they also have newspapers and magazine as part of their business. This makes them a one stop shop. Smaller media houses tend to focus on one area such as radio only.

Major media houses include La Prensa, Grupo Televisa, T.V Azteca and El Universal. Grupo Televisa is the largest and the most successful among these. La Prensa with its circulation of 330,000 comes a close second to its sister paper ESTO that has a circulation of 385,000. Grupo Televisa was founded in 1973 by Emilio Azcarraga Vidaurreta, and the Azcarraga family still owns it.

The company is involved in publishing, radio, and television. Its closest competitor is T.V Azteca a company founded in 1993. It is owned by Grupo Salinas. The newspaper El Universal was founded in 1916 and has the greatest influence in the country. It has a circulation of over 170,000 and is widely respected.

About Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was born in 1962. He is one of the directors and the executive Vice President at Grupo Televisa. He has held his sit on the board of directors at Televisa since the year 1997. Before taking over as Vice President, he was the Chief Financial Officer.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has held other positions in other companies including White & Case LLP, New York, Mijares and Angoitia, Cortes y Fuentes, S.C. Mr. Angoitia was key in the inking of a deal between Grupo Televisa and Univision that made it possible for them to bring their production to the United States. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is involved in a number of charity organizations.

Why Gregory Aziz is Way Better than anyone you have Ever Met

Gregory James Aziz, commonly known as Greg is a man who knows how to challenge his inner self to become a better person. Today, Greg Aziz is renowned for being the best Chairman, President, and CEO that National Steel Car has ever had since its inception. Ever since Greg set foot at the institution, he has helped raise the bar, particularly in the rail industry. Through its time, National Steel Car has made many accomplishments, but that has not caused the institution to lose focus. With a thirst for success, James Aziz has inspired National Steel Car to function intelligently and with high efficiency.


Under Gregory’s employment is a team of more than 2000 individuals all of whom thrive on creating the best rail cars on the market. Gregory J Aziz joined National Steel Car in 1994 right after he had completed his Economics studies from Western University. For the more than two decades that Aziz has been part and parcel of National Steel Car, he has helped the corporation raise the bar for the rail industry in the country and the world as a whole. Without the contribution of Gregory James, National Steel Car would not at any single time boast of being the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.


Over time, James has helped National Steel Car increase on production creating new products in the process. Some of the items that National Steel Car produces include the 25500G Tank Car, 29000G Tank Car, 30500G Tank Car, the auto rack, centerbeam, coal, flat, covered hopper, coil, gondola, intermodal spine, intermodal well, super duty box, open top hopper, and the jumbo box car. With a 99% customer satisfaction rate, Gregory Aziz has helped the corporation make substantial amounts of profits over the years. Thanks to the leadership of Greg Aziz, National Steel Car has scooped the annual TTX SECO award for ten years in a row. Go To This Page for more information.


During his time, Gregory has helped the team at National Steel Car adopt new technologies, a contribution that has helped the corporation go that extra mile. Today, National Steel Car is not only the best in the business but is also the one place in the world that you will always find excellent engineering practices as regards to the railroad industry. If Gregory James Aziz had not set foot in National Steel Car twenty-three years ago, then the wheels of change would still be lagging behind.

Why EOS Flavors Standout

EOS stands out on shelves for their unique applicator orbs and in customer’s hearts for the incredible quality of their lip balm, but where EOS truly shines is the flavor options that they offer, learn more here. Understanding why EOS flavors are so unique and delicious to apply is best accomplished by trying some of their flavors.

Check out this cool interesting website,

Strawberry sorbet lip balm by EOS is a great example of this. While other strawberry flavored lip balms are sold on the market, EOS’ strawberry sorbet has a truly unique flavor due to the freshness and vibrant flavor of the balm. Unlike their competitors, strawberry sorbet doesn’t taste fake and artificial. This is because EOS sources their lip balm from natural ingredients and don’t use the filler and artificial flavors that competitors do.

This is also evident in the EOS sweet mint flavor which does not taste medicinal or fake, like so many other mint flavored lip balms do. Instead, sweet mint has a refreshing flavor that refreshes your lips without that synthetic flavor. Again, the lack of additives is the difference maker here.

The organic and natural ingredients that EOS uses truly shines through with their ability to produce more subtle flavors like honeysuckle honeydewwhich has never been sold in lip balm form by any lip balm maker, ever. EOS honeysuckle honeydew is a subtle flavor that has delicate floral flavors and a light subdued fruit flavor. That gheflavor works is amazing in and of itself, and EOS stands out for having the ability to create such delicate and refreshing lip balms. Find more products here on

EOS stands out in the lip balm market for many reasons including their package marketing and the fact that their lip balms are organic and all natural, refer also to this site, However, perhaps more so, EOS stands out for its great flavors which taste like no other lip balm in the market.


Mikhail Blagosklonny Tries Unconventional Methods

When Mikhail Blagosklonny was learning from his peer review publication, he learned about a new treatment method. There were many different things that he had tried in the past but he also wanted to try something that would be able to make a difference for his patients. This is a treatment method that was unconventional and something that many people had not tried in the past for cancer treatment. By using anti-aging treatments in the things that he was doing for his patients, he was making sure that he would be able to help them heal better. Mikhail Blagosklonny also wanted to make things easier for them so that they would be able to try different things and not have to worry about how terrible their immune system was. This was an answer to a huge problem that cancer patients had for years.

While Mikhail Blagosklonny was doing all of this, he was also helping other people with the issues that they were having. He knew that doing this would make a difference and that it could be a life and death situation for the people who he was trying to help. He also knew that this was something that could change at any time and that he would have to deal with in different situations. Mikhail Blagosklonny was confident that Oncotarget, his publication, could grow and people would be able to enjoy all of the benefits from it since they were able to look at different practices in medicine.

Mikhail Blagosklonny solved a lot of issues with Oncotarget. The publication grew, people realized all of the good that he was doing and they made sure that they were going to be able to try different things. Mikhail Blagosklonny was confident in the skills that he had for making things better and he also knew that he would be able to show people what they were missing in the practices that they had. All of this led to his eventual success and allowed him the chance to make sure that he was growing the practice that he had and to know more click here

Since Mikhail Blagosklonny did all of this, he was hoping to help other doctors, too. He even wanted to help the future doctors and decided that the best thing to do was make sure that students knew about the publication. He was planning on showing them what they could learn in the different situations and wanted to help people get more out of the issues that they had. For Mikhail Blagosklonny to be able to do all of this, he wanted to make sure that he was helping people and that they could get more from the practices that they were doing in medicine.

Alexandre Gama is a Man of Multiple Achievements

     Alexandre Gama is an advertising from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Gama is the CEO and founder of Neogama, which is among the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama founded Neogama in 1999.

Alexandre Gama graduated from FAAP with a BA in Publicity and Advertising. He had his debut in publicity in 1982 at Standart Ogilvy in the writing areas. In 1990, Gama continued to write at DM9 where he received multiple awards and recognition. Alexandre Gama also worked at AlmapBBDO and also at Young & Rubicam and led both companies while driving their success.

Alexandre Gama is a man of achievements and multiple awards. Between the years of 2004 and 2013, Gama attended the D&DA festival where he was the first Latin-American to be awarded there. In 2012, Gama joined ABAP and proudly represents Brazil within the industry of communication worldwide. Gama displays a passion for art and has even presented his artistic work at Museu de Arte Brasileira. Gama is also the founder of VIOLAB, which is a guitar music channel on Youtube. Gama is keen on luxury sports cars and as a result, he joined the Briggs Automotive Company. Until present, Alexandre Gama has been awarded 23 Cannes Festival Lion Awards.

The world goes round with EOS

As you search through the cosmetic isle with only 5 dollars in your purse you wonder, what in the world can I purchase with this amount of money?

You don’t want to trade good quality for cheap even deadly ingredients but you also don’t want dry unkissable lips. What is a girl to do? Buy EOS lip-balms! For once we don’t have to break the bank or sacrifice our souls in order to have the latest in natural lip wear. Check this related article here on

The flavors are unbelievably yummy and for just a few bucks you have an Instagram worthy product. Life is sweet. No really, life is actually sweet when you glide the vanilla mint Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres across your lips. I’ve worn really strong mint lip glosses in the past that almost burn your lips. Some brands overdo it but fortunately, the sweet and minty balance this flavor provides is impeccable, click and see products here.

I love this particular line of products because not only does it provide the ultimate amount of moisture, it has such a cute aesthetic. The circular shape offers a really natural feel in my hand and the rubber-like feel makes it almost nonslip. In this case, size does matter. These EOS lip-balms are compact enough to fit in a small cross body bag but also large enough not to get lost at the bottom of your larger purses.

Based on, with the target audience being anywhere from the ages of 25-35, EOS makes sure their products are as stylish as we are. Did you know that EOS linked up with the brand Keds to make shoes that match the lip-balm? Major win for any company that continues to innovate in such interesting ways. I truly appreciate how EOS works hard to provide today’s millennials with fun and fresh ways to stay pretty.


Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega: the Deal Maker Propelling Grupo Televisa to the Top of the Spanish-Speaking World Media

     South America has come to life in the last few decades. Today, many of the countries in the region are booming economies and with large middle-class populations. As the citizens of this countries have become more empowered, they have developed a great demand for information and entertainment. This is the gap where Grupo Televisa has stepped in. Based in Mexico, the large media house serves almost the entirety of Spanish-speaking South America – 19 countries to be exact. Getting the company to become the largest in the region has not been an easy task. However, it has been made a lot easier by having Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega at the helm of the company.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is the current Executive Vice President at Grupo Televisa. He has been serving in that capacity for almost two decades now having been named into the role in 2003. Before that, he served as Grupo’s Chief Financial Officer for four years, between 1999 and 2003. Prior to that Mr. Noriega served as a lawyer and was one of the founding partners of respected Mexican law firm, Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes, and Fuentes.

A law graduate of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM), Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s legal background has significantly assisted him in his role as Grupo’s Executive Vice President. He is known as one of the best negotiators in the company having been heavily involved in the billion-dollar deal made his parent company and Univision that gave it access to the highly profitable Hispanic market in neighboring United States of America. Additionally, those enjoying high offices in the company greatly appreciate his counsel, including the owner, Emilio Azcárraga Jean.

Away from work, among Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s many passions is philanthropy. He currently has a seat at the American School Foundation’s board of trustees. He is also the chair of the board of trustees at Kardias AC, a foundation that deals with heart disease in children.

EOS Lip Balm For Natural And Safe Hydration

You’ve seen them in stores, on co-worker’s desks and in people’s bags. Those adorable little lip balm tubs that come in a circular little, ball shaped container are from the EOS, or Evolution Of Smooth, brand, more info here. A hypoallergenic balm that has been rigorously tested by dermatologists, EOS lip balms include all natural ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil and a variety of antioxidants. You don’t have to worry about a product that is chock full of chemicals. EOS provides products that are safe for you and those that you love.

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Gluten Sensitivity

So many people find that they have a gluten sensitivity or intolerance and have to be careful about not only what they eat but what they are using on their skin and body. EOS products are gluten free and come in a variety of really delectable and delicious flavors such as lemon drop, summer fruit, strawberry sorbet, vanilla bean and passion fruit (among many others).



Each tiny EOS bundle comes packed with ingredients that are beneficial to your lips. You’ll find vitamin E, antioxidants and SPF in each product, ensuring that your lips stay smooth and healthy all day long. These natural and organic ingredients are a part of each product including the sweet mint, pomegranate raspberry and honeydew flavors.

If you are looking for long lasting moisture for your lips whether it be the heat of the summer that is wreaking havoc on your poor lips or the cold of winter, you can turn to EOS products for options that are not only really healthy for your lips but also they smell wonderful and you will love using them. Not to mention, you can trust the product line, knowing these products are safe for you to use all day everyday.


Visit EOS’ account for more updates.