Logan Stout’s Illustrative Sport And Entrepreneurial Path

Logan Stout I the founder and chief executive officer of the highly revered and sought after health management firm, ID Life. ID Life helps people feel and look their best by consuming highly nutritious smoothies and following scientifically verified food plans. Logan Stout’s intent to begin ID Life stemmed from his need to better community. Consequentially, he modeled a unique sales strategy that allows his staff to advise a client on the best suitable plan by the answers they give to pre-set questions.

ID Life focuses on the health needs of every individual using customized solutions. The health plans are designed to cater to health that has decorated due to either genetics, age or environmental factors. Apart from providing high-quality supplements, ID Life offers people with 14 different ways that they can earn money. Unlike most level marketing firms, ID Life only requires a small signup fee that returns $100 in a week. The highly nutritious supplements sell fast and are a plus factor to people who want to make money from the products’ sale.

Logan Stout has a longstanding concern for people’s welfare which began when he served as the baseball team of Dallas Baptist University and doubled as a youth minister. Logan has a burning passion for the game and has participated in 17 World Series games as a professional athlete. He also played for Fort Worth Cats after his tertiary education. Logan has a business degree from Panola and a psychology degree from the University of Dallas.

Logan Stout’s demonstrated a remarkable passion for sport while he was still a high school student. He played for J.J Pearce high school’s baseball and basketball teams and earned the recognition of a star student. Logan is the starter and chief executive officer of Dallas Patriots, a baseball organization that seeks to recognize and empower young players. Logan understands the path that young players are subjected to and has a commitment to help nurture fresh talents to stardom. He details his journey to success in his book Stout Advice. He compares sport and entrepreneurship journeys and states that both require almost the same amount of drive and ambition, which he willingly instills in people.

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