Hussain Sajwani Is A Visionary Leader and Man of His Word

Hussain Sajwani is a leader, entrepreneur, visionary, and man of his word. As the CEO and founder of DAMAC Properties, a luxury real estate developer, he puts his many talents to use. Before Dubai was what it is today, Sajwani saw opportunity where others saw nothing. Near the beginning of DAMAC’s rise, he bought up land in an undeveloped part of town and then went on to sell a 38-story residential building in that area before it was even built. He did this all in under six months, and has since helped to make Dubai a sparkling destination for many travelers.

Hussain Sajwani started out by getting a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics from the University of Washington, Seattle. After that he took on the role of Contracts Manager for GASCO. He only stayed with the company for a short while, because he knew, in his heart, that he would go on to do greater things, and among them was to start his first business. This first venture of his was a catering business and, to this day, it is still a market leader that serves up over 150,000 meals on a daily basis to people in Africa, CIS, and the Middle East.

As an investor, Hussain Sajwani family has a proven track record as a man who has an eye for successful companies and ventures. His flagship investment company, DICO Investments Co LLC., holds majority and minority holdings in numerous publicly traded companies and Sajwani steers it towards investing in acquisitions, mergers, and private equities. One of his greatest investment decisions was and still is Al Jazeira Services, which is listed on the Muscat Securities Market and is valued at over US$ 110 million. He stuck with the company through thick and thin, and it is now a leader in its industry.

Hussain Sajwani has worked with many well-known individuals, and one of these people is Donald Trump. Their business relationship centers around the golf courses that The Trump Organization manages and maintains for the DAMAC Group’s luxurious golf course communities. Mr. Trump and Hussain plan on maintaining a business relationship, and hope to make plenty of money together.

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