Affordable Finance Strategy: The Equities First Holdings’ Method

World economy cannot be said to be at its best at the moment as individual economies around the globe are contending with depleting source of finance for numerous projects. The exit of the United Kingdom from EU has only help to increase global economic woes. There is need for an innovative approach to solving this economic downturn. Then Equities First Holdings came on board operating all the way from Indiana, its headquarters. Not many people thought this company can provide some succor to the unpleasant economic situations. It took only few years for EFH to make its presence felt all over the globe. Today the organization has spread its tentacles to major cities and countries in the world, the likes of the United States, the United Kingdom, Sydney, Hong Kong, Bangkok to mention just a few.BusinessWire News Here.

There can be no business without capital or funds. The Founder and CEO of EFH understood this and also discovered that the conventional banking system is not doing enough. They are making it difficult for new businesses to survive amidst competitors by demanding for collateral beyond their reach. EFH had to come up with an innovative and effective strategy centered on loans collateralize with stocks. It has proven to be one of the quickest ways of acquiring capital during economic meltdown. Read More .

For those who need quick capital and could not meet the requirements for the credit-based loans, the best alternative is to opt for Equities First Holdings stocks-based loans. Anyone with stocks, bonds or treasuries can apply. Its non-recourse nature makes it appealing particularly in situations of unpredictable economic fortunes. In the event a borrower default in payment, he or she only forfeits the stocks used as collateral without any other extra obligation. Also the loans are characterized by low and fix interest rates.

If there is a time global economy needs an innovative affordable finance strategy, it is now. Having EFH to the rescue with stocks-based loans gives hope that global economic recovery and resurgence is not far-fetched.

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