A Discrete Low Risk Finance Opportunity For The Sophisticated Borrower

The Qualities Comprising Potential Candidates
According to a July 2016 MarketWired article, the exclusive financing available through Equities First Holdings is for individuals possessing the highest order of discretion. Access to the available funding is ascertained by specific criteria. Potential candidates must be considered to be “established sophisticated borrowers” (discrete high net worth individuals or business) that are owners of readily available financial securities.

Low-Risk Short Financing
Financing with Equities First Holdings is a low-risk option for highly leveraged bank financed individuals or business entities desiring of short-term non-recourse funding. Stock loan financing alleviates potential litigious concerns for the borrower. They can retain financed funding even if the value of the stock severely decreases.

Quick And Easy Financing
Bank financing is extensive, complicated and time-consuming. Avoiding the hassles of red tape associated with traditional loan financing is important when time is of the essence. EFH requires less paperwork, processing time, and effort.

A Non-Purpose Resource Option
Those desirous of the flexibility to use acquired funding in multiple ways can do so with Equities First Holdings. Financing offered avails non-purposed use opportunities.
Borrowers can use funding capital in any manner they choose with no restrictions.

Creditworthiness Is Not A Factor
High net worth candidates with high-risk credit factors benefit greatly from working with non-traditional finance processing of Equities First Holdings. No debt assessments or credit analyzations are performed with securities loan financing.

High-end borrowers seeking considerably favorable LTV (loan to value) ratio disparity benefit from short-term securities-based financing options. Candidates can borrow as much as they need quickly without all of the hassles ascribed to traditional lending institutions.

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