The changes that are taking place in the Mexican Oil Industry, and the role that Companies such as Cotemar are playing in the process

There is a revolution that is sweeping the oil refinery industry in Mexico and the companies that are leading the revolution include Nuvoil, Rennaissance Oil and Cotemar. The renewed energy with which they are trying to effect changes in the industry come as a result of the issuance of the first round of the new drilling tenders. The competition that was part of the issuance of the tenders might have made Mexico seem like the toughest place to try and start a business in, which to some extent could be true, but these companies are determined to beat the odds and make worthwhile gains in the process.

There are many issues the companies have to handle as they try to create some order in the industry. The first and the most important of them is reversing the effects of exhaustion of one of the largest wells, the Cantrell. The effects of the exhaustion of this well have been far reaching. To start with, the overall production of oil by the country has reduced by a million barrels every day. The new companies that won the contracts are already holders of the wells. This brings in the second issue that is affecting the industry, land conflicts that existed between the previous owners of the wells and other people. Other serious problems include theft of the infrastructure that support oil rigs, and even organized crime. All the challenges notwithstanding, these companies are determined to make sweeping changes in the entire sector.

The large oil companies have had their fair share of the drilling contracts, and people feel that it is about time that smaller companies with higher tolerance to risk started investing in the drilling industry. The platforms that the previously small players are adopting to survive include the adoption of environmental friendly drilling methods. They are making sure that the drilling techniques and methods that they use will assure them that the wells will serve them for a long period of time without failing.

Getting a market for the oil being produced is another factor affecting the business. The companies are actively looking for business partners who will buy the crude from them at a cost that will not only keep them in business, but also help them grow bigger and better at it. Cotemar hasn’t been left behind in any of these initiatives and the future is definitely very bright for them.

Hussain Sajwani Is A Visionary Leader and Man of His Word

Hussain Sajwani is a leader, entrepreneur, visionary, and man of his word. As the CEO and founder of DAMAC Properties, a luxury real estate developer, he puts his many talents to use. Before Dubai was what it is today, Sajwani saw opportunity where others saw nothing. Near the beginning of DAMAC’s rise, he bought up land in an undeveloped part of town and then went on to sell a 38-story residential building in that area before it was even built. He did this all in under six months, and has since helped to make Dubai a sparkling destination for many travelers.

Hussain Sajwani started out by getting a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and economics from the University of Washington, Seattle. After that he took on the role of Contracts Manager for GASCO. He only stayed with the company for a short while, because he knew, in his heart, that he would go on to do greater things, and among them was to start his first business. This first venture of his was a catering business and, to this day, it is still a market leader that serves up over 150,000 meals on a daily basis to people in Africa, CIS, and the Middle East.

As an investor, Hussain Sajwani family has a proven track record as a man who has an eye for successful companies and ventures. His flagship investment company, DICO Investments Co LLC., holds majority and minority holdings in numerous publicly traded companies and Sajwani steers it towards investing in acquisitions, mergers, and private equities. One of his greatest investment decisions was and still is Al Jazeira Services, which is listed on the Muscat Securities Market and is valued at over US$ 110 million. He stuck with the company through thick and thin, and it is now a leader in its industry.

Hussain Sajwani has worked with many well-known individuals, and one of these people is Donald Trump. Their business relationship centers around the golf courses that The Trump Organization manages and maintains for the DAMAC Group’s luxurious golf course communities. Mr. Trump and Hussain plan on maintaining a business relationship, and hope to make plenty of money together.

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Making The World A Better Place With Securus Technologies

When it comes to effective civil and criminal technology solutions, Securus Technology is the best as it modernizes the experience of incarceration and improves the safety of the public in general. There are many law enforcement, correction agencies and public security institutions that have opted to utilize the services offered. Its specialties include call management systems, information technology, telecommunications, and data analytics. The headquarters are in Dallas, Texas and covers over 3,400 agents as well as 1.2 million prisoners in North America.

Securus Technologies deals with safety solutions when it comes to helping the law enforcement agent in different cities. It aids in visualizing, consolidating, collecting and distributing information that is needed in real time. This method is more useful especially when it comes to incidences that require an immediate emergency response that includes dispatch, public safety as well as mobile law enforcement.

The technology also aids in keeping family and friends in contact with each other. It has also made the communication between those imprisoned and their beloved families. Communication is effective through video calls apart from the usual voice calls. This method helps keep families together as it helps close the gap that is in between.

There are also numerous unwanted posts that go up on blogs and social media. The ability of our company to offer information management, it is easier to control information that is being passed across. Additionally, our company can easily connect individual data to the evidence needed during an investigation.

With its capabilities, Securus Technologies has the capability of making our world a safer place. It also helps in keeping us in good communication with our loved ones. Additionally, we are dedicated to offering our clients the best services that our guests need. It provides the most high-tech software solutions with the highest quality when it comes to providing the best economics to our customers.


The Launch of Beyond the Darkness by Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founder of PodcastOne. Pattiz announced that they were launching a new podcast. PodcastOne is one the largest podcast network in America according to an article published by PRNewswire. Norman Pattiz stated that this was the recent show to debut on the podcast network of WWE star known as Chris Jericho. It falls under the umbrella of PodcastOne. The new podcast is known as Beyond the Darkness. It is set to feature compelling and enlightening conversations. Norman Pattiz said that Beyond the Darkness will have famous experiences and researchers. It will challenge all that people think they understand regarding demons, angels, monster encounters, ghouls, aliens, miracles, mysteries, and ghosts.

Beyond the Darkness will be hosted by Dave Schrader who is a radio host and an author and Tim Dennis who works as a radio producer. New episodes of the new podcast will be released to the public each Monday on iTunes,, and also the PodcastOne application. Norman Pattiz congratulated Chris Jericho for his efforts towards the Jericho Network Collection. He said that Chris Jericho would take people to the paranormal apart from wrestling. Chris Jericho spoke at the launch of Beyond the Darkness and stated that he was stoked in making the announcement about the launch of the new podcast.

Chris Jericho said that he had a lot of faith in the new hosts of the show. He knew that they would deliver an excellent show. He stated that the new hosts are the leaders of the paranormal world. They carried a massive fanbase with them. Norman Pattiz is termed as an expert in the broadcasting world. He founded Westwood One and led it to become the largest radio network in America. Westwood One became the largest provider of entertainment, sports, news, traffic, and talk programming in the Broadcasting industry. Norman Pattiz started the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. He recently created the PodcastOne Sales which is the leader when it comes to national sales and marketing.

Norman Pattiz was appointed to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the Unites States of America by President Clinton in 2000. Pattiz was reappointed to the same position by President Bush in 2002. Norman is the regent of the University of California. He also serves as the Chairman at the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security. Norman Pattiz was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

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Affordable Finance Strategy: The Equities First Holdings’ Method

World economy cannot be said to be at its best at the moment as individual economies around the globe are contending with depleting source of finance for numerous projects. The exit of the United Kingdom from EU has only help to increase global economic woes. There is need for an innovative approach to solving this economic downturn. Then Equities First Holdings came on board operating all the way from Indiana, its headquarters. Not many people thought this company can provide some succor to the unpleasant economic situations. It took only few years for EFH to make its presence felt all over the globe. Today the organization has spread its tentacles to major cities and countries in the world, the likes of the United States, the United Kingdom, Sydney, Hong Kong, Bangkok to mention just a few.BusinessWire News Here.

There can be no business without capital or funds. The Founder and CEO of EFH understood this and also discovered that the conventional banking system is not doing enough. They are making it difficult for new businesses to survive amidst competitors by demanding for collateral beyond their reach. EFH had to come up with an innovative and effective strategy centered on loans collateralize with stocks. It has proven to be one of the quickest ways of acquiring capital during economic meltdown. Read More .

For those who need quick capital and could not meet the requirements for the credit-based loans, the best alternative is to opt for Equities First Holdings stocks-based loans. Anyone with stocks, bonds or treasuries can apply. Its non-recourse nature makes it appealing particularly in situations of unpredictable economic fortunes. In the event a borrower default in payment, he or she only forfeits the stocks used as collateral without any other extra obligation. Also the loans are characterized by low and fix interest rates.

If there is a time global economy needs an innovative affordable finance strategy, it is now. Having EFH to the rescue with stocks-based loans gives hope that global economic recovery and resurgence is not far-fetched.

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José Borghi Fashioned A Truly Famous Marketing Company

The country of Brazil is known as the home of a globally famous Brazilian publicity expert who operates under the name Jose Borghi.

He is documented worldwide for his role in the promotional advertising society, with his production called “Mammals Parmalat.” The advertisement was created with an array of kids who changed greatly admired Brazilian jingles and dancing on a stage as they wore the outfits of stuffed animals. The advertisement grew to be so widely trendy that it delivered to Jose a great deal of awareness and admiration all over his country. Visit

He labored for his academic selection at PUC-Campinas, they are a famous and justly cherished college for the arts. Jose earned his degree in Advertising, this deeply assisted him with advancing ahead with his vacation. While he was still a boy and prior to attending high school, Jose had a problem with the idea of what to go into for a career once he ultimately graduated high school. A career was a very complicated conclusion for Jose, pending the day when Jose’s sister went with him to a cinema that was showcasing greatly celebrated commercials. Click Here For more.

The cinema displayed videos that were advertisements, which had each won awards from the renowned Cannes Film Festival. Those advertisements were wonderfully creative and very touching to everyone who viewed them, even him. Following the videos were completion, Jose had determined for himself the vocation selection that would most promote his genius.

When he became grown, Jose departed college to labor at Standart Ogilvy, where he achieved sufficient achievement to establish his own company with his buddy. They created BorghiErh, to continue and increase positive focus throughout Brazil. Then, Lowe & the Mullen Group purchased BorghiErh and updated the brand to Mullen Lowe, continuing to be a famous firm.

A Discrete Low Risk Finance Opportunity For The Sophisticated Borrower

The Qualities Comprising Potential Candidates
According to a July 2016 MarketWired article, the exclusive financing available through Equities First Holdings is for individuals possessing the highest order of discretion. Access to the available funding is ascertained by specific criteria. Potential candidates must be considered to be “established sophisticated borrowers” (discrete high net worth individuals or business) that are owners of readily available financial securities.

Low-Risk Short Financing
Financing with Equities First Holdings is a low-risk option for highly leveraged bank financed individuals or business entities desiring of short-term non-recourse funding. Stock loan financing alleviates potential litigious concerns for the borrower. They can retain financed funding even if the value of the stock severely decreases.

Quick And Easy Financing
Bank financing is extensive, complicated and time-consuming. Avoiding the hassles of red tape associated with traditional loan financing is important when time is of the essence. EFH requires less paperwork, processing time, and effort.

A Non-Purpose Resource Option
Those desirous of the flexibility to use acquired funding in multiple ways can do so with Equities First Holdings. Financing offered avails non-purposed use opportunities.
Borrowers can use funding capital in any manner they choose with no restrictions.

Creditworthiness Is Not A Factor
High net worth candidates with high-risk credit factors benefit greatly from working with non-traditional finance processing of Equities First Holdings. No debt assessments or credit analyzations are performed with securities loan financing.

High-end borrowers seeking considerably favorable LTV (loan to value) ratio disparity benefit from short-term securities-based financing options. Candidates can borrow as much as they need quickly without all of the hassles ascribed to traditional lending institutions. for more.