Jeffry Schneider has Transformed Ascendant Capital into a Powerhouse of Alternative Investment Solutions

Jeffry Schneider launched his professional financial career in Manhattan after earning his degree from the celebrated University of Massachusetts. While serving in different capacities in a couple of renowned financial service companies, he mastered a series of professional skills, particularly a thorough understanding of alternative investment tactics. Schneider also gained the ability to build deep alliances with his customers.

The unveiling of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider obtained a senior position at Paradigm Global Advisors back in 2002. While working for this company, he enhanced his knack for analyzing managers. Utilizing these professional skills, Schneider chose to form his company that brought together his deep mastery of the alternative investment scene and his association with his customers. He is the founder of Texas-based Ascendant Capital and serves as its managing director.

Jeffry Schneider’s role in the expansion of Ascendant Capital

Ascendant Capital has experienced a rapid expansion within half a decade since its creation. The alternative investment giant has grown from two employees to over thirty employees. Schneider and his competent team have raised approximately $1 billion for various managers. Ascendant Capital delivers its products and services to more than fifty broker-dealers, over 250 investment gurus, and various family offices. In 2017, Schneider and his team have set a target of $50 million per month.

What does Ascendant Capital do?

Ascendant Capital has an expanded portfolio of services, consisting of marketing, operational, education, and sales. Ascendant raises money for both advanced and evolving alternative asset fund investors by capitalizing on its groundbreaking strategy for financial structuring. It uses an extensive network of private banks, family offices, licensed investment consultants, and broker-dealers to circulate both private and public offerings worldwide.

Jeffry Schneider’s charity acts and other interests

Schneider has a strong passion for charitable giving. He offers financial aid to organizations like the Gazelle Foundation, God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, and Wonders and Worries. Schneider is a passionate traveler, and he has visited various cities in Asia, South America, and Europe. He adopts a healthy lifestyle comprised of healthy eating and workout. Schneider usually participates in marathons, half ironman, as well as iron man.

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