An Overview of Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the most integral parts of the field of finance. It entails activities that are done to help companies raise the value of their stock as well as increase their capital. With investment banking, a number of businesses will also have the means to combine assets in order to maximize their overall value to investor and customers. There are a number of departments in investment banking that help allow it to serve the needs of many clients. The most common department in the field is corporate finance. In this field, the firm will put together proposals to convince companies to complete a merger and acquisition. By making such a deal, two or more companies will be in position to improve the quality of their products and services along with raising capital.

Most investment banking firms work with large companies who are looking to issue new stock and merge. However, there are quite a few others that specialize in working with individuals and small companies. These firms are known as boutique investment banks. With these firms, a number of individuals can get the assistance they need in order to plan for retirement as well as save up for college. Along with helping individuals, the boutique investment banking firms will also provide capital for small businesses to start up and expand. As a result, boutique investment banking firms provide just as much value to clients as the larger firms.

One of the individuals who currently runs a boutique investment banking firm in Florida is Martin Lustgarten. He specializes in working with individuals and small companies that are looking for expert guidance on finances. When working with businesses, Martin often provides funding in the form of venture capital. He will meet with clients and discus their needs when it comes to start up capital and financing to expand operations.

Along with helping businesses, Martin also works with individuals, He will meet with them to discuss their financial goals and then provide advice on how to best achieve them. During this process, Lustgarten will go over the amount of money they need in order to achieve a goal such as retirement. He will then make recommendations on what investment options to take advantage of. With his help, Martin has been able to allow clients to achieve financial security.

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