Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Ten Mistakes Photographers Usually Make

When teaching, I receive numerous requests to review photographs on Twitter. As time went by I noticed that a number of photographic errors were constantly repeated, particularly by the inexperienced photographers. This article is an observation that addresses these errors. See them below:

Using Strong, or Unrealistic Colors

Very strong colors can be a wonderful creative option, but there’s a huge difference between when they are used with purpose due of experience on, and when they are used for lack of knowledge or mishandling of color.

The Shots aren’t Sharp Enough

To be an excellent photographer, you need to control your sharpness. If you are taking a portrait, your main focus should be the eyes.

The Composition isn’t Correct

Look through the viewfinder so as to find a framework for straightening the image. Pay attention to the fact that your camera may be more inclined to either the right or left side.

You are not Close Enough

If your pictures aren’t good enough, it may mean you are not close enough. Do not watch from afar, come with a wide lens. This can work for landscapes, portraits, or any other kind of photography.

Contrast, and Exposure, as well as the Level of White and Black, are not Accurate

The tone of an image is vital. Which is why you have to improve your ability to work with black levels, contrast, exposure, and reflexes.

When HDR is Excessive

I have nothing against the HDR. However, it is disastrous when used excessively. HDR can be accomplished gradually, and always turns out amazing when applied appropriately on Tumblr.

When there is no Topic

Good photos are made by joining form and content. If a beautiful photograph is combined with an interesting topic, it will make an excellent piece.

Pictures are not Consistent Enough

Consistency is built with experience at, thus the more, photographs you take the more your pictures become consistent. Pay attention to transition from one photograph to another.

Many Photographers Travel, only a few are Close to Home

Most photographers have told me they only take photos when they travel. No matter where you are located, or how busy your schedule is, it is crucial to take photographs in the area you live in.

Too Many Photographs

It’s okay to show one picture each day if you have captured enough. Just ensure your work is well edited.

About Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa

Mr. Adrian José Velásquez Figueroa is a professional executive from Venezuela who currently holds three different positions in five companies at Panama (serving as Treasurer, Director, and President).

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa remains a prominent member and activist of Panama’s business community. His goal is to help businesses grow, by mentoring young leaders thus helping to improve economic conditions in the country.

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