Eric Pulier balances it all

Eric Pulier is a business man. I hear you, there are a lot of business men out there. But few accomplish in their lifetime what Eric Pulier has accomplished so far, and he barely looks old enough to wear his beard.

Eric Pulier is solidly successful in the ever-changing technology world. In 1997 he was selected to create and run the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington DC. He has also helped found 15 different technology companies, and is currently the chairman and CEO of ServiceMesh Inc, a cloud management company operating in 3 countries.

These accomplishments would be impressive on their own, but Mr. Pulier also manages to invest time and resources in some more permanent fields, i.e. family and philanthropy.
He is the father of four, and is an involved member on the board of The Painted Turtle. The Painted Turtle is a summer camp with the purpose of bringing summer outdoor fun to children with serious health conditions that might otherwise limit them. Since 2007 it also offers an outreach program called The Painted Turtle Outpost that brings the fun to children that are currently in hospital.

Mr. Pulier is down-to-earth about the process of become a successful entrepreneur, and offers very meaningful tips for getting your head in the game. In a recent podcast with Daniel Budzinski he gave the advice to “not put entrepreneurs in a category separate from yourself, thinking that maybe I don’t have what they have.” He stresses the importance of using imagination while not being overly concerned about how the playing field may be different in 5 years. “If you work you way backwards from the end of the maze, there is always a way.” Simplicity is also an important part of his philosophy and he states “Add complexity only where necessary.” Easier said than done at times, but if his story is anything to go by, it may be worth pinning that to the refrigerator.

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