Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Start JustFab

Don Ressler is a respected entrepreneur based in the United States. He is the founder of several successful brands in the country too. Don Ressler and his close business partner, Adam Goldenberg started JustFab, the parent company to other companies in the fashion and beauty industry. Don Ressler has the ability to spot any upcoming brands in the fashion and beauty industry and develop them to leading brands. With the help of Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler has been able to achieve a lot. In all his activities, Don Ressler has been successful because he combines fun and passion to ensure that everything is perfect.

Don Ressler met his business partner many years ago when Adam Goldenberg was working at a company known as Intermix Media. Adam was one of the youngest serving COO’s in the country, and he was working hard to make sure that the institution achieved its dreams. Ressler was already an entrepreneur when he met Adam at Intermix. The two become fast friends, and they partnered to help each other. Don Ressler sold his company, FitnessHaven.Com to Intermix Media. After selling the successful venture, he acquired a lot of money that was enough to start several other companies.

After several years, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg decided to sell Intermix Media to the famous News Corporation. After the several months, the institution collapsed because the new management was not careful in their operations. The successful organization dropped its revenue, forcing the two businessmen to go out and look for greener pastures.

After leaving Intermix Media, Don Ressler and his friend started Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce platform that earned them a lot of revenue. The success of the brand enabled the two to start other beauty and health brands online. All the brands did well, encouraging the businessman to venture into a more personalized shopping experience for the consumer. According to the two, the businesses would now merge social media interaction and edge cutting fashion at an affordable price.

This proved to be untapped opportunity for the two entrepreneurs. After a lot of hard work and dedication, they realized that fashion could be very profitable if done online. Fabletics was born after some time to offer the fashionable consumer activewear. The investors are able to send fashionable clothes to their customers once a month. Kate Hudson is a famous actress in the United States, and she has been part of the brand for some time now.

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