Town Residential Brokerage Expands With New Office Location

Residential brokerage firm Town Residential has signed a 15 year lease for a new office location. This new office is located in the meatpacking district of Manhattan and will serve as a more convenient location for its operations. By moving into this new office location, Town Residential will have the ability to cover more markets such as Hudson Yards and TriBeCa. Town Residential is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the area and this move has allowed it to expand. Moving to this location will therefore help Town Residential more easily reach its goals of serving more clients throughout the city.


The move to this new office location has allowed Town Residential to help with serving clients more efficiently. At this new location, Town Residential is now able to meet with clients in an outdoor environment which will provide them with a more intriguing environment. It will also allow them to ensure that clients get assistance in a more leisurely setting that makes them more comfortable. Operating from this new office location has also helped Town Residential become more appealing to clients due to the more personalized service and environment.


Along with their most recent expansion to a new office space, Town Residential will also operate alongside another boutique real estate firm known as Town & Ingram. This firm specializes in sales and will provide clients with yet another outlet to selling property. The partnership of this firm will help compliment Town Residential in terms of providing the most comprehensive service to clients.


With this recent move, Town Residential will be able to take advantage of one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city. The meatpacking district is now filling up with residential and commercial real estate. As a result, many people and businesses will be looking to live in or conduct business in this part of the city. With this factor in mind, Town Residential will have the opportunity to serve more clients and offer lots of real estate options for them to take full advantage of.


The recent move into office space in the meatpacking district will help Town Residential more easily achieve its goals of expansion. It will also be in position to serve a number of additional clients as well. By taking advantage of one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city, Town Residential will have more opportunities to become more profitable as well. With the recent expansion, Town Residential will also have the ability to rent out and sell more types of real estate. They will be able to rent out commercial property to businesses and also sell property such as condos to individuals. Therefore, Town Residential will be in position to help contribute to the overall growth of the neighborhood in the immediate future.

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