The Luxurious Side of New York Real Estate


Luxury real estate is one of the hottest commodities in the city of New York. This type of living can be a bit extreme for the average everyday person, but many people tend to favor the extra amenities that comes along with the package. Whether it’s high rise or low rise structures, New York’s many apartments for sale have much to offer. Have you ever heard of Town Residential? If not, this article will give the general public a more in-depth feel of what this business is and what it can do for those whom are interested in luxury apartment styled dwellings.


Town Residential is one of the Big Apple’s premier real estate firms that offers the best insider information of this industry. The firm has cemented it’s position over the last five years for NYC Luxury Real Estate. With so many neighborhoods throughout the city, Town Residential can help you find and secure the right place that fits your needs.

Neighborhoods such as Soho, Upper Eastside, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and many more could be your next residence. Navigating the city streets on your own can be frustrating and time consuming. Why not leave it up to the professionals as this is a team that is surely equipped for the task. Town Residential is a make-up of many different real estate sectors such as leasing, marketing, development, and town locations.

The firm has a huge clientele base and a resume of excellence to back of all claims. The company website is laid out nicely and is very user friendly to novice computer users and this is where you can find listings and get the latest updates for open house events. This proactive approach to luxury real estate is innovative compared to the competition as it gives the potential tenant much more information to work with before making a final decision. Town Residential is setting the bar extremely high for this industry and has the potential to sit on top of New York City’s real estate thrown.

Town Residential Brokerage Expands With New Office Location

Residential brokerage firm Town Residential has signed a 15 year lease for a new office location. This new office is located in the meatpacking district of Manhattan and will serve as a more convenient location for its operations. By moving into this new office location, Town Residential will have the ability to cover more markets such as Hudson Yards and TriBeCa. Town Residential is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the area and this move has allowed it to expand. Moving to this location will therefore help Town Residential more easily reach its goals of serving more clients throughout the city.


The move to this new office location has allowed Town Residential to help with serving clients more efficiently. At this new location, Town Residential is now able to meet with clients in an outdoor environment which will provide them with a more intriguing environment. It will also allow them to ensure that clients get assistance in a more leisurely setting that makes them more comfortable. Operating from this new office location has also helped Town Residential become more appealing to clients due to the more personalized service and environment.


Along with their most recent expansion to a new office space, Town Residential will also operate alongside another boutique real estate firm known as Town & Ingram. This firm specializes in sales and will provide clients with yet another outlet to selling property. The partnership of this firm will help compliment Town Residential in terms of providing the most comprehensive service to clients.


With this recent move, Town Residential will be able to take advantage of one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city. The meatpacking district is now filling up with residential and commercial real estate. As a result, many people and businesses will be looking to live in or conduct business in this part of the city. With this factor in mind, Town Residential will have the opportunity to serve more clients and offer lots of real estate options for them to take full advantage of.


The recent move into office space in the meatpacking district will help Town Residential more easily achieve its goals of expansion. It will also be in position to serve a number of additional clients as well. By taking advantage of one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the city, Town Residential will have more opportunities to become more profitable as well. With the recent expansion, Town Residential will also have the ability to rent out and sell more types of real estate. They will be able to rent out commercial property to businesses and also sell property such as condos to individuals. Therefore, Town Residential will be in position to help contribute to the overall growth of the neighborhood in the immediate future.

The Political Funding of George Soros

Most billionaire’s who finance political moves, do so for really high-profile stuff such as the current presidential and congressional public races. That is why it is so noteworthy that billionaire George Soros is currently funding the decidedly low-profile 2016 campaign to reshape the U.S. justice system. Just within this year he has put over $ 3 million toward the effort in six states. He is driven toward goals such as reducing racial disparities in sentencing and placing eligible drug offenders in diversion programs on Twitter. To this end, he is heavily financing similar justice reform motivated political candidates who are running for local offices.

And it is this substantial backing that is infuriating the political opponents of these people, declaring that George Soros is paying the system to bend to his whims. In addition, they claim that such heavy involvement in a relatively obscure local election by a complete outsider, makes citizens feel unsafe and makes them question his motives. To date, Soros has funded campaigns in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Texas. Soros either gave directly to these campaigns or he indirectly gave to them through various charities on Bloomberg.

He gave $1.4 to a recent Democratic candidate for state attorney alone. This Aramis Ayala would be assuming the role with a jurisdiction of two counties of metro Orlando that included more than 1.6 million people. George Soros and Ayala share a vision of removing racial bias in charging and prosecuting defendants. Part of his financial contribution to Ayala’s campaign involved funding and creating advertisements that attacked her opponent.

Given his progressive inclination toward change in the justice system race issues, it is actually not that Soros’ giving toward progressive local campaigns on Politico should rise this year with its significant and very publicized rise of race related violence this year. And the move toward revolutionizing the justice system isn’t new either. Reform groups have been crying out for it for years. The Open Societies Foundation-which is currently chaired by Soros-has for years worked toward drug policy and criminal justice reform.

For his own recent funding efforts, Soros made the decision to concentrate on district attorney campaigns since 1) they have a whole lot of untapped power and 2) most of the time these positions were being taken by non-progressive white men. Soros’ funding efforts have actually proved very fruitful and he is seeing the changes he hoped for unfold. All of his financed campaigns except for one have ended up winning their elections. And this concentration on local campaigns is expected to increase in the coming years.

Discover Great Fall Colors From Lime Crime


PR Newswire announced that Lime Crime has a unique blend of fall colors that will get you through the seasonal change. They have plush colors like posh, happi, and vibe that all come with metallic superfoil content ingredients. They aren’t just your ordinary dull fall colors, but rich sultry colors that dare you to be bold and take chances with your makeup. Founder and CEO of Lime Crime Doe Deere says she is proud of her new cosmetic launch that is taking the industry by storm and allowing them to become one of the largest cosmetic providers in the network.

Lime Crime promises to give you a waterproof line of products that is still easy to remove when it’s time to take off your makeup. For a limited time their Canadian customers offer free shipping and their U.S. customers get free shipping on every order that is over $50. Best of all, their prices are reasonable and meet the demands of any budget, but it is a collection that even the stars can appreciate because it holds well under the lighting. They can also transition from the day to night without all the hassle of having several brands on hand.


Doe Deere decided that neutral colors that were dull were going to be a thing of the past when she came out with her cosmetic line, and started offering products on She knew that she wanted bold colors that spoke volumes. Women that wear her makeup are making a statement with their choices by changing the face of makeup. You don’t have to worry about being like everyone else because you have your choice of eye shadows, lipsticks, shoes, and accessories that are guaranteed to being out the bold in you. You can visit their official website for specific details and product offers right away and save more money.  If you’re just interested in news, their official Tumblr page, or the blog that Doe Deere personally curates are both great options.